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Lab3 Hints
Experimental setup
Locate the digital voltmeter
Set it up as shown
Setting for
Leads here
This is the power supply, or
“battery eliminator.”
Set to 9V
Red +
Black -
Experiment 1: .Map the electric
potentials. Determine the electric
You will use the negative
electrode as the reference point.
Keep the black voltmeter probe
here at all times during
Suppose you want to map lines of
constant 5 V electric potential. Move the
red probe (keeping the black one fixed
on the reference point) until you find a
reading of about 5 V. Call out the
coordinates to a lab partner, who will then
mark that point on a matching grid. Use
colored pencils for different voltages for
easy reference.
Experiment 2: Map the electric
potentials when the conductor and
insulator are inserted. Determine
the electric fields.