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CPSC445/545 Introduction to Data Mining Spring 2008
Homework 1 (Due: Thursday, Feb 7, 2008)
Suppose you are helping Ian Ayres prepare a second edition of his “Supercrunchers”
book. Your assignment is to research and write a 2-3 page “brief” of an application of
data mining (aka “supercrunching”) of interest (to you) that isn’t explicitly covered in
the first edition. You can use search tools like Google to find relevant materials to be read
and referenced in your brief. Your brief should be written in a style compatible with the
For example, online digital music is very popular. A Google search of “music data
mining” yields over 600,000 hits (clearly a very popular subject) including documents
addressing analyses of music (eg clustering), marketing, and creation. These are really
very different aspects of music. This suggests that a next phase of online digital music
may involve data mining in some significant way.
Music is but one example. For purposes of this assignment, please choose some topic of
interest to you. It would be fine if your brief evolved into the theme for your term paper,
though this is certainly not required.
Email your brief to the TF, Jiang Du ([email protected]), no later than Thursday, Feb 7.
Please note that we will post all the briefs on the course wiki so that everyone can benefit
from your effort. Writing style and research content are both important and will be
considered in your grade.