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The Four Big C’s
Rachel’s Challenge Follow Up Lesson
• Is holding the knowledge within and
having the compulsion to do right.
• It is having the moral judgment that
opposes the violation of a previously
recognized ethical principle
• It leads to feelings of guilt if one violates
such a principle.
• Is the attitude of facing and dealing with
anything recognized as dangerous, difficult, or
painful instead of withdrawing from it.
• It is the courage of one's conviction
• Conviction - an unshakable belief in
something without need for proof or evidence
Is a firm belief.
The act of feeling certain about one’s abilities.
• To promise
• To pledge oneself to a cause or to another
• A commitment means you are making a
decision to stay with your belief of conviction
for whatever length of time it takes to get the
job done.
Tomorrow is not a promise,
but a chance.
~ Rachel Joy Scott
Postive Mental Attitude
• Do’s
– Think positively about people around you
– Be willing to consider the possible in all you do
– Help others to find good alternatives in hard times
• Don’ts
– Give up when the going gets tough
– Gossip and say mean things about other people
– Think negatively about your circumstances