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• Much depends on one's idea of happiness.
• True happiness is a state of mind in which man finds
tranquility and contentment.
• The external happiness conferred by material
possessions and worldly activities is ephemeral and
• In Communist countries people may appear to be
satisfied and contented as their material conditions
improve, but can they really be said to have achieved
true happiness and real peace of mind?
• Perhaps one of the reasons for the present day decline
in morals is the neglect of religion.
• Without high ethical standards, which are the
foundations of all religions no organized and disciplined
life is possible.
Promiscuity and sexual aberrations are no doubt due
to ignorance and a neglect of the fundamental
principles of ethics.
• In a secular state, it is the duty of parents and
voluntary organizations to impart to children a
knowledge of moral and spiritual values and ennoble
• If a man who is under a strong temptation thinks that
moral rules are man-made, he may easily violate
• He will hesitate more to disobey them, if he believes
that they are God made and have been revealed to
him through a Divine Teacher or the Guru.
• Even men of piety and great devotion are apt to
fall a prey to temptation.
• There are such notable examples as Bhai Joga
• If religion is not sincerely practiced, it has little
effect on our private lives or that of the
• An interest in religion makes people seek the
company of holy men, which can give them the
solace and happiness they really need.
• Some people make a show of being religious.
• This does not serve any useful purpose.
• What is needed is a positive attitude, to seek the
company and assistance of those persons who are truly
devoted to religion.
• Some people think that religion is an irrelevant, a matter
of no consequence, and that they lose nothing if they
exclude religion from their lives.
• They believe in the motto: 'Eat, drink, and be merry'. But
does this give an edge or meaning to life?
• Life has a purpose. Religion makes a man conscious of
his spiritual heritage and goal.