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The Rainforest
By: Katie Mazzotta
Why rainforests are disappearing
and the percentage of the rainforests
already gone are…
They are gone
because logging
companies are
cutting down trees in
the rainforests of
Africa. The
percentage of the
rainforests already
gone in 90%
What Is the name of the tribe that
lives in the rainforest? Describe
some of their customs.
They are called the Baka.
Some of there customs are
that they hunt for elephants,
they are spear hunters, get
food from the rainforest, and
their spears are covered with
poisons plants, and the
Baka women build hunts
called Mongulus and they do
dam fishing.
3. Meat is easier to come by in
the United States than in the
rainforests. List all the different
animals they get meat from.
Meat comes from
Baka snares- a
small antelope, cane
rats or forests
4. List and describe four different
Gorilla: The mountain gorilla is an endangered animal. Poaching and hunting
have devastated the animal’s populations. Gorillas can grow to be as tall as 5’9
and weigh up to 600 lbs. They are vegetarians.
Okapi: The okapi is kin to the giraffe but looks more like a donkey. It’s neck and
legs are far shorter than a giraffe’s. It is a shy vegetarian and likes to eat fruit
and leaves. The okapi male stands at about 5 ft.
Pygmy Hippopotamus: The pygmy hippo lives exclusively in the low lands and
wet forests. At 5 ft long and roughly 418 lbs it is the smallest hippo species. It is
far less given to spending time in water and it prefers to spend time alone.
African forest elephants: They weigh between 7000 and 9000 lbs. Their love of
fruits and other vegetation makes them a very efficient means of spreading
seeds through out the forests.
5. One plant in the rainforest is
used widely throughout the
world; in fact you may have
some of it in your house. What is
the name of the plant? Describe
Mahogany : people use mahogany wood
for furniture, staircases, boat building,
house paneling and flooring. Many people
use mahogany because it is resistant to
6. What is the climate like in the
rainforest? Average rainfall?
average temperature?
Temperatures are usually humid. The
average rainfall is between 63 and 79 inches
of rainfall each year. Average temperature is
between 80 and 73 degrees.
7. List the countries that have
rainforests in them.
Burundi, Cameroon,
C.A.R, Cote D’Lvorie,
Congo Brazzaville,
equilateral guinea,
Gabon, Ghana, Liberia,
guinea, Nigeria, Congo
Kinshasa, Rwanda,
Sierra Leone
8. What is the main reason the
rainforests are being cut down?
Logging companies are cutting down
all of the trees.
9. The African rainforest grows in
the Congo River basin. What
large river runs through the
The Congo river basin runs through the basin.
List and describe three types of
vegetation found in the
Oil Palm: The oil palm accounts for roughly 14% of the world’s
plant oils. It is used for making goods ranging from iron
plates and lubricating grease, chocolate, soap, and candles. In
the last century oil palm, plantations devoured huge tracts of
Mahogany: Mahogany is one of the most commercially popular
woods from the rainforest. Its wood is used for furniture,
staircases, boat building, house paneling and flooring. Its
coarser grain makes it resistant to termites. Rainforest tribes
use the bark to treat colds.
Okoume: okoume accounts for 90% of the trees logged in the
rainforest. It produces light weight wood that is used for ply
wood and sawn timber. Some believe that regeneration assures