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Trig Word Problems (Intro + Laws of Sine and Cosine)
Name: ______________
1. Dana is flying a kite whose string is 65 meters long and makes a 70º angle with the ground.
How far is the kite above the ground?
2. The top of a lighthouse is 120 meters above sea level. The angle of depression from the top
of the lighthouse to a ship is 23º. How far is the ship from the base of the lighthouse?
3. A house is built on a triangular plot of land. Two sides of the plot are 160 feet long and they
meet at an angle of 85º. If a fence is to be built around the property, how much fencing is
4. The longest side of a triangle is 34’. The measures of two angles of the triangle are 40 and 65.
Find the lengths of the other two sides.
5. Two sides of a triangular plot have lengths of 400 inches and 600 inches. The angle formed
by those sides measures 46.3º. Find the perimeter of the plot to the nearest foot.
6. The measures of the sides of a triangle are 6.8, 8.4, and 4.9. Find the measure of the smallest
angle to the nearest degree.
7. The sides of a triangle are 50 meters, 70 meters and 85 meters long. Find the measure of the
largest angle to the nearest degree.
8. An isosceles triangle has a base of 22 centimeters and a vertex angle of 360. Find the
perimeter of the triangle.
9. The longest side of a triangle is 30 inches long. Two of the angles have measures of 45 and
79. Solve the triangle. (ie: find all of the missing parts.)