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A presentation by M. Ifram Ismath
Royal College –Colombo 07
What is deforestation?
Deforestation refers to the loss or destruction of naturally occurring forests. Primarily due to
human activities such as,
1)Cutting trees for fuel.
2)Slash and burn agriculture (Chena cultivation).
3)Clearing land for livestock grazing.
4)Mining operations.
5)oil extraction.
6)Dam building.
Deforestation destroys the habitats of millions of species of plants and
animals that will need the areas of forest to survive. Thus, it may lead
to the extinction of these species, causing disaster in the biological
food chains and the delicate balance of the ecosystem of these areas.
Deforestation leaves the soil bare to erosion and leaching nutrients.
Thus, over time the soil will lose its fertility, and eventually
desertification may occur in the area that was once covered by trees.
Plant as many trees as possible.
Educate people on ecological value of tree.
Involve people in planning of forestation specially in
of the seedlings.
Do not use products made from trees unnecessarily.
Do not consume products that exist or are cheaper due to
deforestation (cash crops from tropical areas, meat, etc)
A picture showing trees cut down in a forest
Another harmful effect of Deforestation
Children suffering without food & water
If deforestation Continues