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BeachCOMBER Student Lab
Lab and Field Explorations
in Marine Science
Teacher Enhancement Program
Moss Landing Marine Labs
BeachCOMBER Pre-lab
• Vocabulary:
–For each of the following words,
make a card with the word on
one side and a picture and
definition on the other
Indicator species
Limiting factors
Exponential growth
Biotic factors
Abiotic factors
Long-term study
Group Tasks:
Each member of your group will be
responsible for a particular job during
this lab. In order to finish this lab in
the time you have, each of you will
need to do your assigned job, and
then help any other team member to
complete theirs.
Lead Scientist:
• Watches the time
• Keeps team on task & ensures all
understand the tasks
• Carries all lab instructions and charts
• Talks to the teacher when necessary
• Responsible for group work being turned in
• Responsible for all materials needed
• Identifies all birds
• Determines age and sex of birds, if possible
• Determines cause of death of bird, if
• Seeks help and input from team members
when unsure of identifications
• Takes pictures or sketches birds found
• Helps determine cause of death of birds
by observing surroundings
• Locates location of bird on a map; draws
area map if necessary
• Records conditions of the area around the
• Collects any plastics found in the area and
notes where these were found
• Records all findings in the chart as birds
are found
• Makes any necessary measurements
• Records all plastics found noting where
they were found
• Makes all charts and graphs necessary for
completion of the lab – with the help of
team members
We will be going on a simulated walk
outside the classroom.
1. All teams are to stay together and work
in area assigned.
2. Each team member is to carry their
task card. The teacher will be
observing how well you carry out your
job and work as a team.
3.Your task is to count and identify any
birds found dead on your simulated
beach. Fill in the charts you have been
given using the code chart attached.
4.Try to determine how long the bird has
been dead and the cause of death.
5.The teacher will answer questions
asked by the Lead Scientist only. Your
team should first try to work together to
answer the question before asking the
6.When you have gathered all data, your
team must wait until all other teams are
done. You may review your findings
and discuss them as you wait.
7.When we return to the room, you are to
input your data into Excel and make a
bar graph of your findings.
8.Your group must then compare your
findings to the Moss Landing Data on
the lab handout. Input this data into
Excel, make a bar graph of it, then
compare this to your graph.
9.Answer the questions on the lab