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AP Physics Chapter 10: Fluids Exam Review
1)What is pressure? What is the SI unit of pressure?
the perpendicular force per unit area or p = F┴/A; Pascal (Pa)
2)What is gauge pressure?
the difference between the pressure you are measuring and atmospheric
3) What is density? What is the density of water?
the mass per unit volume or ρ = m/V; 1000 kg/m3
4) Why does pressure increase as you dive into deeper water?
the weight of the water above your head increases the pressure
5) What is the pressure-depth equation?
P = Po + ρgh
6) What is Pascal’s principle? What is a real world application of this principle?
pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is transmitted to every point in the fluid
and the enclosure walls, or
Fa/Aa = Fb/Ab; hydraulics
7) What is Archimedes’ Principle?
the buoyant force is equal to the weight of the displaced fluid, or
Fb = Wf = mfg = ρgVf
Only count the volume of the object that is submerged.
8) What is the continuity equation (flow rate equation)?
The flow rate through a vessel is constant. Where the vessel is the most narrow, the
velocity is the greatest, or A1v1 = A2V2
9) What is Bernoulli’s Equation?
P1 + ½ ρv12 + ρgy1 = P2 + ½ ρv22 + ρgy2 = constant
10) What is the velocity of water through a hold in a container a distance h below the
v = √2gh ***Add this equation to your gold equation sheet***
11) According to Bernoulli’s Equation, where is the pressure high: at a place in the vessel
where the flow rate is high or low?
12) What is a real world application of Bernoulli’s equation?
calculating lift on an airplane; calculating velocity of liquid out of a container