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Secret Guide to Video
The Campus Media Center
Best Advice Ever: Give Yourself
Enough Time
 The x3 rule.
Before you Start
 Write a Script!
Before you Start
 Look at your script
 Will tell you everything you need to know.
 Plan your day
 Company move can be a killer
 Scout Locations
 Check for sound
 Make Lists
 Put people in charge
The Day Before
 Pick up your equipment
 Camera
 Tripod
 Microphone
 Gather Accessories
 Headphones
 Foamacore
 Paper Tape
 Not Duct Tape!
 Gaffer Tape good
 Call everyone about the shoot
The Day Before Part II
 Assemble your gear and props
 Make sure your batteries are charged
 Be sure you HAVE A VIDEO TAPE
 Do all of this the night before!
Your Equipment: The Camera
Mini DV
Likes a lot of light
Look at your viewfinder
Use a tripod
Your Equipment: The Tripod
 Use a Tripod! Period!
Your Equipment: The Tripod
No Tripod
Your Equipment: The Microphone
 Better than the camera mic
 Always monitor your audio
 Use a Ninja fighting stick
Your Equipment: The Lighting Kit
 Three lights
 Uses photofloods but can take any
incandescent bulb you find a Home
 Bounce lighting can help a lot
On Shoot Day
 Start as early as you can
 Time is not your friend
Follow Block/Camera/Shoot
 Block
 Get your actors into position
 Camera
 Place your Camera
 Set up your lights
 Shoot
 Start filming!
Editing your show
 X 3 rule applies
Before You Edit
 Watch all your footage and make notes
 Decide on a strategy:
 Finish on VHS or DVD?
 Use video in PowerPoint or Project on
 Gather Materials
 Bring blank media like DVD-R’s or VHS Tapes
Making Appointments
 Make more appointments than you need
 Fill out your SPAF
 Make an extra appointment to output your
Actual Editing
 Be sure to bring all your materials
 Limit four people per station
 Station are NOT hooked up to the internet
 Bring music on CD.
In Conclusion
 Plan as much as you can
 Give yourself enough time
 Have fun
 Have fun by giving yourself enough time