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By: Conor Haenni
Spica in an HR Diagram
This is Spica in an HR
Diagram. As you can see
Spica is located three
places from the middle for
the brightness and its
surface temperature 25,000
Spica’s Constellation and
its Story
The Virgo constellation depicts Astraea,
the virgin daughter of the god Zeus and the
goddess Themis. Astraea was known as
the goddess of justice, and was identified
as this constellation due to the presence of
the sexes of justice (Libra) nearby, and
supposedly ruled the world with her wise
ways until mankind became so callous that
she returned to the skies, disgusted. Virgo
is also identified with Persephone,
daughter of Demeter (goddess of
agriculture and guardian of marriage).
Persephone was the goddess of innocence
and purity, then later on became the
Queen of the Underworld, when she was
abruptly snatched away by Hades
Spicas Size, Temperature,
Color Distance from sun
 about two nonillion kg or about 332,950 times
the mass of the Earth or 1,048 times the mass
of Juipiter
 Spicas temperature is about 457. 490541
degrees fahrenhieght and the sun is 5778
kelvin red giant.
 Spicas distance from the sun is 260 light years
 Spica is a blue giant the sun is yellow
Spicas life Cycle
 Spica is a star so it was born out of a large
molecular cloud (whose density and size
permits the formation of molecules)the
joined the main sequence, after a short life it
leaves the main sequence and it begins to
grow in size and brightness, and a short trip
back along the horizontal branch will follow
before another rise and finally a Supernova
leaving behind probably a Black Hole. When it
dies it is in aging stage.
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