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Shutter Speed Assignment
For this assignment you’ll need to shoot the equivalent of one roll of 36 exp. film.
You will burn two images from this assignment plus two from your first assignment to be turned in together as
your 1st portfolio.
You will need to shoot for the following: 1) A picture using a very fast shutter speed that stops or freezes the
action and 2) either of the two slow shutter speed alternatives...One of which has the subject moving or blurred
and the other parts of the picture are sharp OR the panning shot in which the subject is relatively sharp and
the rest of picture is blurred.Our main goal here is to successfully use the shutter speed to enhance the
aesthetic and conceptual understanding of the images. I recommend you re-read the sections of the text book
and your camera manual pertaining to shutter speeds. In terms of subject matter you may shoot anything that
you want...just do it in an interesting way.
Keep in mind the following information:
The subjects movement relative to the camera will greatly effect whether it appears blurred or sharp.
The blurred shot will have something in the frame that is absolutely sharp as a reference to motion
It will be much easier to get a “Stop Action” shot where there is a lot of light and conversely it will be much
easier to get a blurred shot where there is less light...You will NOT be able to get a blurred shot in bright
Use a tripod for all shutter speeds slower than 1/60 of a second.
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre - Paris street corner, 1838
Edward Muybridge - The Horse in Motion, 1878
Jacques-Henri Lartigue - Grand Prix of the Automobile Club of France, 1912
Sam Shere - Explosion of the Hindenburg, Lakehurst,NJ 1937
Philippe Halsman - Dali Atomicus, 1948
Harold “Doc” Edgerton - Shooting the Apple, 1964
Unknown Photographer
Clifford Oto - Slam Dunk,1990
Ralph Eugene Meatyard
Karen Truax
Ken Kobre’ - Rickshaw Walla, Dhakka, Bangladesh
Raphael Gaillarde - Mona et Monette au Louvre ,1993
Rich Riggins - Sibling Revelry
Edward Ranney - Star Axis, 1983
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