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How did Martin Luther react
when peasant rebels took up
his banner as a means of
bringing about social change
in Germany?
He denounced the peasants, and
the rebellion was suppressed.
Who described architecture as
a “social art” meant to
combine beauty with utility
and improvement of society?
Leon Alberti
In the scientific method, a
hypothesis is a …
Possible explanation to be tested.
Many scholars agree that
between 1450 and 1750
people’s beliefs in both
Christianity and magic led to…
The persecution of people as
The main goal of the Jesuits
was to …
Defend, restore, and spread the
Catholic faith.
What changes did the Catholic
Church make during the
Catholic Reformation?
It provided penalties for corruption
among the clergy.
Today’s Baptists, Mennonites,
and Amish can all trace their
religious ancestry to the …
What triggered the events that
resulted in the formation of the
Church of England?
Henry VIII wanted a divorce.
The calculations of
astronomer Johannes Kepler
showed that …
The planets move around the sun
in oval orbits.
The inventor who perfected
the microscope and the first
person to see cells and
microorganisms was …
Anton van Leeuwenhoek
What humanist of Northern
Europe wrote about his vision
of an ideal society, in which
people live in peace and
Sir Thomas More
Which statement best
describes the ideal woman
according to writer Baldassare
Her outward beauty reflects her
inner goodness.
The Last Supper and the
Mona Lisa were the work of
the great artist…
Leonardo da Vinci
Who assembled a library of
Greek and Roman
manuscripts preserving the
works of Cicero, Homer and
Francesco Petrarch
The age of great change
marked by renewed interest in
classical learning and the arts
is called the…
In the 1600s, Robert Boyle’s
work transformed the field of
Unlike Francis Bacon, Rene
Descartes believed that the
best road to understanding
was through…
Human reasoning
The purpose of the Council of
Trent was to …
Direct the reform of the Catholic
Sir Thomas More was
executed because he …
Would not accept Henry VIII ah
head of the Church in England.
Humanist scholars differed
from medieval thinkers in that
humanists …
Tended to focus more on worldly
A thriving trading region where
the northern Renaissance
A religious group that has
broken away from an
established church.
Anabaptists believed that
infants should not be baptized
Infants are too young to accept
the Christian faith.
The city that produced many
Renaissance artists and
scholars with the support of
the Medici family.
Wrote a guide for rulers on
how to gain and keep power.
Niccolo Machiavelli
What resulted from the Peace
of Augsburg in 1555?
Each German prince could decide
the religion from his lands.
The idea that God long ago
decided who would be saved
and who would not.
A government run by religious
The Swiss city-state of
Geneva became a model of
Protestant morality under the
leadership of …
John Calvin
Started a printing revolution.
Johann Gutenberg
Proposed a heliocentric model
of the universe.
Nicolaus Copernicus
What major theme of the
northern Renaissance did
Alberecht Durer’s engravings
Religious upheaval
Showed that gravity keeps
planets in orbit.
Isaac Newton
An artist who made sketches
of flying machines centuries
before the first airplane.
Leonardo da Vinci
One way that Renaissance
artists reflected the new ideas
of humanism was by
Well-known people of the day