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MATH 1107
Elementary Statistics
Lecture 1
Introduction to Statistics
MATH 1107 - Introduction
• About this course
– Objectives
– Assignments, Project & Grading Policy
– Course Syllabus & Schedule
– Use of Internet Site and EXCEL
• About You
– Course Expectations
MATH 1107 - Introduction
Why I think Statistics is important:
Nothing Kills an Opinion Like a Number;
“Data trumps intuition.
Instead of using our intuition, we experiment on the
live site and let our customers tell us what works for them” – Director of
Data Mining at Amazon (page 8)
Stats is the basic medium for communication of data;
“Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as
the ability to read and write.”- H.G. Wells
A basic understanding of Stats (and EXCEL) is required
to do anything in any discipline well.
MATH 1107 - Introduction
Statistics and Decision Making:
MATH 1107 - Introduction
Data assumes different forms – it answers the
questions of Who, What, When, Where, Why and
MATH 1107 - Introduction
Nominal – Categorical
• Gender
• Colors
Ordinal – Categorical with Order
• Course Grade
• High/Medium/Low
Interval – No Natural Starting Point
• Temperature
Ratio – Meaningful differences and True zero
• Price of textbooks
• Weight of textbooks