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by Positive Trading
Blue Max Trader
1. Scan the shares.
2. Chart the shares.
3. Track $$$ profits.
Positive Trading
Scan the entire ASX
Positive Trading
Floating Stop Loss
Positive Trading
Positive Trading
Moving Averages
Positive Trading
Buying Example
Positive Trading
Selling Example
Positive Trading
Buying Again
Positive Trading
ASX Company Information
Positive Trading
Direct Link to ASX Website
Positive Trading
Recent Mining Stock Example - Buy
Positive Trading
SOLD– 20 days later
Positive Trading
Profit of 13.14% in 3 weeks
Positive Trading
 Easy as 1,2,3 – Scan, Chart and Track
 Charting – Simple as G.B.R.V - $
 5 mins a day
 Proven system for over 8 years.
 Proven profits through all market conditions.
Positive Trading
Say if you started with $10000
Positive Trading
Training & Support
The Blue Max Trader is not mass sold. Availability is strictly limited in order to
provide the full one on one after sales support we pride ourselves on -4 comprehensive initial training sessions.
Ongoing training provided by your dedicated trainer available till 9.00 PM
Full technical support.
We are here to help you all the way – you can start trading right now with a
10 day cooling off period.
Positive Trading
Blue Max Packages
Manual Analysis.
End of day ASX data
Easy as 1 – 2 - 3
(as demonstrated)
 Automatic Analysis
 Auto-signals sent
directly to your email /
mobile phone.
 Live intra-day ASX
Positive Trading
 Automatic Analysis
 Auto-signals sent directly
to your email / mobile
 40 Global markets
Blue Max Pro Results 2012
End of Jan
End of Feb
End of Mar
End of Apr
End of May
N.B. The above is a graphical representation of profitable trades made should the user have acted on alerts provided by Blue max Pro
• Had the factual information been opted for, this would have been the result.
• The software itself can be used to authenticate the figures and the graph
• Figures include trading profits only and do not include shareholder's dividends
Positive Trading
Blue Max Pro Trading Report
Disclaimer: This does not take into account the investment objectives nor the financial situation of the particular needs of any person.
Blue Max Trader takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions contained in the trading example and will not be liable for any decisions made in reliance upon this
Positive Trading
Demonstration Discount
Secure your license right now & receive a Demonstration Discount
Blue Max Trader - $ 9900 incl GST
Blue Max Pro
- $12900 incl GST
Blue Max Global - $15900 incl GST
Payment options:
 Secure Credit Card Payment
 Internet Bank Transfer
 Cheque / Cash Bank Deposit
* Subject to a 10 day cooling off period and our satisfaction guarantee.
N.B. Blue max Trader - ASX Data fee of $650 p.a paid seperately.
N.B. Blue max Pro/Global - Data fee of $695 p.a paid seperately.
Positive Trading