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Briana Hill
What foods contain Carbohydrates?
 Carbohydrates are found in the following pyramid groups: Grain,
fruit, vegetables, and milk group.
Examples: bread, cereal, pasta, rice, fruit, starchy vegetables, (corn
and potatoes) , dry beans, and milk.
 Non starchy vegetables also contain carbohydrates, but they are not a
big source of energy (calories) because the carbohydrates are in the form of
Why do Carbohydrates takes place as a main
source of energy for the human body?
During digestion carbohydrates are
broken down into simple sugars and are
absorbed from the intestine and
bloodstream. Simple sugars from there
travel to the liver, the most active
processing center of the body.
 Glucose is the main sugar that is used
for energy. Other simple sugars are
converted to glucose in the liver. Glucose
then travels to the bloodstream and is
delivered to cells throughout the body to
use as energy.