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The Convergence of Security and IT:
Video Surveillance at Scale
Traditional video surveillance technology has included DVR or NVR-based appliances as well as
analog cameras in an outdated architecture approach. With the growth of large-scale systems
comprised of hundreds or thousands of cameras and increasing use of high-definition video,
these traditional approaches have significant challenges.
Customers using these architectures often experience pain-points related to limited scaling,
capacity constraints and overall system performance issues. Managing these systems, especially
in large-scale environments, is extremely complex. With recent advances in computing power
and IP/telecommunications technology, it is becoming easier to deploy video surveillance at
scale that is flexible, scalable, open, and future-proof.
Flexible – It needs to be easy to deploy, manage, and
operate with additions and changes to the environment.
Scalability – The video surveillance system needs to
scale as cameras, users, and longer retention are added.
Open - It needs to be IP-based, non-proprietary or a
closed architecture.
Future Proof - Unlike a traditional video surveillance approach that requires proprietary upgrades, an
IP-based open architecture combats against costly
and timely migrations – allowing the staff to focus on
security rather than the technology enabling it.
Isilon storage solutions are tested and certified with
leading video management software (VMS) vendors
at the EMC eLab, renowned for conducting rigorous
interoperability testing. EMC Isilon scale-out storage
offers unmatched simplicity and ease of use, massive
scalability and the world’s fastest NAS performance. We
provide end-to-end data protection and security options
that help you protect your video surveillance data with
confidence. Our solutions are also highly efficient to
help you reduce both OpEx and CapEx costs.
>> Ease of Use – Isilon storage
systems are simple to install,
manage, and scale at virtually
any size.
>> Massive Scalability
– With Isilon, you can have
unimaginable room for your
video surveillance data storage
needs from 18 TBs to over 40
PBs of capacity per cluster.
>> Unmatched Efficiency
– Achieve up to 80% storage
utilization efficiency to drive
down storage costs and reduce
your datacenter footprint.
>> Proven Solution - Our
joint solutions with VMS
vendors are tested and certified
at the EMC eLab, renowned for
conducting rigorous interoperability testing – providing
up-front expectations**
Why network video?
> Superior image quality
> Remote accessibility
> Easy, future-proof
> Scalability and flexibility
> Distributed intelligence
> Proven technology
Why Axis?
Technology Specifications:
Ideal for video surveillance deployments at scale, EMC Isilon are simple to use
and allow customers to add storage to existing environments without disrupting
surveillance operations. Key elements of an EMC Isilon storage solution for Video
Surveillance are likely to include:
Isilon X-Series platform nodes: Our most flexible and comprehensive storage product line, strikes the right balance between large capacity and high-performance.
Isilon NL-Series platform nodes: Designed to provide cost-effective, highly scalable nearline storage. The NL-Series combines high density and
efficiency, with massive capacity capabilities and is an ideal data
archive platform.
EMC services and support: Quickly and expertly help companies plan and implement their Isilon scale-out NAS for video surveillance data.
EMC Isilon has teamed with industry-leading video management software (VMS)
vendors and Axis to provide proven, end-to-end solutions designed to address
your surveillance, security, data storage needs. Our joint solutions are tested and
certified at the EMC eLab, renowned for conducting rigorous interoperability
testing. This means that your organization can focus on video surveillance and
not the technology enabling it. Isilon scale-out NAS can integrate and manage
surveillance data from a wide range of sources and provide a highly scalable
and efficient storage solution that is ideally suited to meeting the challenges of
storing, analyzing, and managing massive amounts of surveillance video.
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