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Fireware “How To”
How do I reset a Firebox when I cannot connect to it with the Quick Setup Wizard?
When you reset a Firebox, you replace the existing image on system A on the Firebox with a new image. You can
reset a Firebox with a completely new configuration with the Quick Setup Wizard. This is the easiest way to reset a
Firebox and the most common procedure used in the field.
There are times, however, when you cannot use the Quick Setup Wizard to reset a Firebox. When you use the Quick
Setup Wizard, you must be able to make a network connection to the Firebox from your management station and
“discover” the Firebox on the network. If this is not possible, you can use the manual reset procedure described in
this document.
Is there anything I need to know before I start?
Before you proceed, it is a good idea to try to reset the Firebox using the Quick Setup Wizard, as this is the easiest and
fastest way to reset a Firebox. If it does not work, then use the instructions below.
You must have a working Firebox feature key before you begin this procedure.
Manually Resetting the Firebox
Turn the Firebox off. On the front of the Firebox, find and depress the up arrow.
Hold down the up arrow button while you turn on the Firebox, and continue to hold the button down until the
LCD display shows the Firebox is running in System B mode.
When the Firebox is running in System B mode, it is running in factory-default mode. In factory-default mode, the Firebox
trusted interface is set to
Connect a cross-over Ethernet network cable between your WatchGuard management station and the trusted
interface of the Firebox.
The trusted interface is labelled interface 1 on the Firebox.
Change the IP address on your management station to (or another IP address from which you can
connect to the Firebox trusted interface at
It is a good idea to ping the trusted interface from your management station to make sure you have an operational network
Open Policy Manager. You can open an existing configuration file, or create a new configuration file using the
options available from the File drop-down menu.
Select Setup > Licenses Features. Click Add and paste a copy of your feature key into the text box, if necessary.
When you are ready, select File > Save > To Firebox. Save your configuration to the Firebox at IP address,
with the administrative passphrase “admin”.
After the Firebox restarts with its new configuration, it is a good idea to change the passphrases for the Firebox. Select File >
Change Passphrases to set new passphrases.
You can now put the Firebox back on to your network and connect to it using the IP addresses and passphrases
you set in your new configuration.
Frequently Asked Questions About this Procedure
I tried to reset my Firebox with the Quick Setup Wizard and it didn’t work. Then, I tried using the manual
reset process described above, and it didn’t work. Now what do I do?
If you are not able to reset the Firebox using these procedures, you can reset the Firebox to its factory-default
settings using a command line utility called fbxinstall. To use fbxinstall:
Connect a serial cable between the Firebox and your management station.
If you have more than one COM port note which port you use.
Open a command prompt.
Type fbxinstall <virtual IP address>
The virtual IP address you type here must be any unused IP address on the same network as the computer you have
connected to the Firebox with your serial cable. For example, if you IP address is, then type: fbxinstall This IP address is used to connect to the Firebox to complete the reset process, but is not actually assigned to
the Firebox.
When the fbxinstall process is complete, start the Quick Setup Wizard to set a new configuration to your Firebox.
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