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 Jesse Bednarz 285 Woodland Ave. Apt #209 San Rafael, CA 94901
[email protected] Work Experience: Skills and Expertise: Pg. 1 & 2 Pg. 3 (415) 238­4403
Collaboration with top­tier professionals on Engineering, Production, and Broadcast of beautiful, brilliant, breakthrough digital media­­to implement future­facing, elegant, and downright impressive solutions that exceed project requirements while remaining conscious of budgets, operational impacts, and other metrics Work Experience: Thomson Reuters: Video Stream ​
/ Video Services ​
2015 ​
currently employed​
) 2013­Current Video Services Coordinator + Video Engineer for Development Scrum team Note: Livenote Stream (LNS) is a collaborative platform for Legal professionals to participate over the internet in depositions, arbitrations and trials via browser or WestLaw’s Case Notebook software. LNS provides clients with live video streams as well as updatable, indexed and searchable transcript of the testimony when a stenographer is present. •
Re­Engineered LNS’ live video streaming architecture for all­screen accessibility, improved stability, security, and more granular end­user tracking. We report continually for billing and perform analysis to improve LNS, it’s companion products and better align with our customers’ needs • Learned Agile/SCRUM methodology alongside our Development team . • Handle all video engineering issues that arise in standup, planning and refinement sessions This DevOps/research/testing/solution­finding role involves a lot of creative problem solving. • Always advocate for the product’s end­users (with whom I communicate directly). I will always speak up if I believe a corner cutting change will hurt our clients’ UX • Seek out Video/Tech groups in other TR units and engage them regarding their projects. • Support video­related needs of TR Legal Technology, Development, Operations, Support, Marketing, Sales, & Training groups. Provide solutions for internal and external clients • Maintained all current LNS video streaming architecture, operations, and support requirements as well as continued performing my Video Services duties 2011­2013 Video Services Coordinator • Continued to manage LNS operations and support while acquiring new responsibilities from an internal reorganization­­such as being put in charge of a tape library of ~12,000 videotapes (~4000 depositions) • LNS’ 3rd party CDN shut down video streaming services. I re­engineered the video side on cloud VMs, reducing OpEx by ​
. All project specifications met requirements & landed under budget. 2010 Video Stream Coordinator • Lead support contact and technical lead for LNS • Managed & trained local, remote, and overseas helpdesk staff, but was on call 24/7 to provide support for TR clients worldwide​
. • Configured, repaired & deployed video streaming servers, encoders, networks, and services. • Worked with IT/Network engineers at diverse, worldwide locations to insure continuously solid all­day­long live video streams of legal proceedings under fluctuating network conditions. • Operated a rental service to provide video encoders to LNS clients with short­term requirements • Identified issues with LiveNote Stream’s vendor’s offerings (CDNs, OEMs, and service providers). Worked with OEM Engineers to fix bugs and assisted by beta testing patched soft/firmware. Self­employed:​
2006­2009 • Designed, implemented and maintained a state­of­the­art stop motion animation studio for Carl Paolino Studios in New York. • Systems administration consulting. • A/V Systems integration for major New York City Concert Halls/Nightclubs. • Freelance Music video production • Travel, study, and collaboration with mixed­media Artists & Musicians in Mexico & Costa Rica Eyebeam: Systems Administrator: Networks​
2004­2005 • Provided network/server/client/AV/custom systems support for all departments (Education, Production, R&D, Exhibits, Publications, Artists in residence, Hardware Engineers & Software Developers). • Planned and executed technical aspects of Ars Electronica's 30 year Retrospective ­ P
​rix Selection (May 21 ­ July 18, 2004), eight award winning works in the Interactive Art category of the Prix Ars Electronica, including ​
, ​
Legible City​
, ​
Landscape One​
, and ​
. • Designed & implemented a build out of machine rooms for network/server infrastructure and 2D/3D design and video editing suites for a new production facility at Eyebeam's Chelsea location. Moved, replaced, updated, and refurbished existing equipment as needed. • Provided support for exhibitions, special events, staff & Artists in residence. • Collaborated with well­known Engineers and Artists for troubleshooting, installation and maintenance of online, physical, pre­rendered, interactive, video streaming, and other unique/custom art projects and installations. • Maintained classroom equipment for after­school digital media education of inner­city youth MTV Networks:​
Senior Computer Graphics Technician (MTVN Engineering) ​
1999­2003 • Designed, integrated & maintained MTV Network’s first centralized network/server core dedicated to on­air graphics departments & live production facilities at 1515 Broadway (MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon, TVLand, CTN & Spike). This reduced costs, Time­to­air and improved efficiency dramatically. all crucial hardware was fully redundant and connected via a 256 Gbit/sec packet switching core, All equipment was n+1 power redundant. These systems provided assets to our 3 live stages or could be accessed by our online and non­linear video editors. This specialized “Data core” was a cutting edge component supporting a $35 million traditional broadcast facility build out: ”MTV Networks Central Faclilties” • Configured broadcast­quality real­time and near­time video encoders for dedicated links to other MTV Networks production facilities (MTVN’s Network Operation Control, MTV Europe, MTV Brazil, etc.). • Designed, built, & integrated network/server/storage/backup systems for animated TV shows. Ex.: Nickelodeon’s “​
Blue’s Clues​
” (I maintained their mission­critical media content management system while building a more reliable and failure­tolerant core), “Little Bill”, “Gary the Rat”, and pilots. I provided the same functions for MTV Animation’s “​
Celebrity Deathmatch​
”, “MTV Downtown” & “Spygroove”. • Replaced “sneakernet” with gigabit networks and multi­terabyte backends serving graphical asset databases between collaborating groups (Storyboard, Art, Animation, Post production etc..) . • Maintained systems, transmissions, and scheduling servers for MTV Networks’ XM radio channels. • Worked with vendors and internal groups to determine purchasing needs of software and hardware. • Installed, configured and maintained specialized systems for TV production including Avid Media Composers, ProTools workstations, Quantel Paintboxes and Hals, SoftImage and Maya 3D workstations & 2D design/animation systems on Apple, Intel­based, and various SGI platforms. • Built and maintained systems to provide a running tally of fan votes on for Live daily shows • (“Total Request Live” and “Direct Effects”) and display results on Chyron character generators. Skills I’ve developed and Systems I have worked with: Broad OS expertise (generally platform agnostic): MS OSes up to 2012 server, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, Various other UNIX­like OSes, RTOS devices for server, workstation, and other systems integrations Video Engineering, Streaming servers, Encoders, and Services: ​
Wowza, Adobe, & Microsoft Media Servers, CDN integrations and testing (Akamai, Edgecast, Limelight, GoGrid, etc.). Managed reseller agreements with video device OEMs. Testing loaners (Recently: Teradek encoders, 4G modem aggregation hardware, Digital Rapids encoders, VBrick encoders, IP cameras, and many software based encoders) I’m always researching/demoing/testing new software/systems as they become available to ease integrations and explore new possibilities. Broadcast Engineering & Systems Integration: ​
Grass Valley routers, analog and digital video and audio mixing boards (AMS Neve Libra), Video monitor, display & camera calibration, waveform, vectorscopes & oscilloscopes. VTRs, DDRs, amplifiers, equalizers, compressors, limiters, expanders, AD/DA, RF transmission, SDI, HD­SDI, AES/EBU and speaker systems. Rs422 serial control, Closed Caption insertion on line 21 & VBI, Character Generators. Patch bays. Wiring harnesses, Cable pulling, dressing and termination. Graphics, Animation, Color grading and Editing software (Avid, Final Cut, Softimage, Maya, Flame, Smoke, Combustion, The Adobe Suite) MIDI and Waveform multitrack audio software (Protools, Cubase, Ableton Live, Virtual instruments, outboard MIDI & USB gear) Networking & IT Skills​
: Administration of private and Internet­facing systems as well as public/private cloud experience. Systems hardening, penetration testing and monitoring. Cisco IOS & CatOS. HP and Extreme Networks routers and switches. F5 BigIP, Firewalls. Network services on above platforms where applicable. Server Aggregation and Virtualization. Multi­tier Storage subsystems in SAN/NAS/Virtualized configurations. Robotic tape libraries. Clustered and high­availability systems design and configuration. ​
DBs: ​
mySQL, MSSQL, Filemaker, Portfolio & Quickbase. ​
Web stacks/servers: ​
NGINX, LAMP, IIS. CMS systems. Personal attributes: ● A highly creative and flexible video solutions engineer ● Positive attitude ● Excellent interpersonal skills ● Prepare for meetings with a detailed agenda so as to leave with action items & concrete goals ● Able to take direction, delegate tasks, prioritize by importance, and follow up/report back ● Excellent, thorough troubleshooter ● Effective and clear communicator in writing / phone / videoconference ● Writer of concise and thorough documentation, change requests and internal communications ● Extreme attention to detail ● Passionate about new projects and implementations ● Self­taught in many disciplines and always learning ● Informed on emergent technologies ● Rigorously honest ● Sense of humor ● 9 years of training in classical cello