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Once called Abyssinia, is the only African country that escaped colonial rule. It has a recorded
history of over 3000 years and far earlier than that we find proof that 'Lucy' or Dinknesh, the
oldest hominid, whose remains were found in Ethiopia's Great Rift Valley, lived here. Dinknesh,
from which our company takes its name, literally means 'you are wonderful'.
In addition, there are nine world heritage sites, one of which is known as the eighth wonder of the
world, representing nature, architecture, archaeology, prehistory, art, culture and much more.
Furthermore, Ethiopia’s tremendous variety of topographical, ecological and cultural diversity
destinations in
Ethiopia Offers The Following Tours
Historical Route
A. Axum:
Where the ancient architecture of Ethiopia reached its grandest
forms. Axum is the cradle of Ethiopia’s early civilization, and it
is the home of the original Ark of the Covenant that makes
Axum center of Christian faith. Aksum is considered as the
holiest land in Ethiopia.
B. Lalibela:
Is famed for its rock-hewn churches of the 12 Century
which cannot be found in any other part of the world.
There are 11 churches excavated in the red volcanic tuff
where several of them are monoliths or three-quarter
monoliths which is unique to Ethiopia. The eleven
churches differ widely from each other, yet all have
certain typical features in common, they comprise
together a magnificent architectural assemblage.
C. Gondar:
The Ethiopian Imperial City and which is also called
Africa Camelot. Gondar became the capital of Ethiopia
during the reign of Emperor Fassiledes (1632-1667) and
stays as a capital for almost 200 years. Still standing
castles, palaces and Debre- birhan Selassie Church are
certainly beautiful sites in Gondar.
D. Bahirdar:
Lake Side Town, known for two main attractions. The
Blue Nile Falls and Lake Tana, the largest water body
which has got thirty seven islands, twenty of these
islands shelter churches and monasteries decorated
with beautiful paintings.
E. Harar:
Harar, the16th C walled city, is the spiritual heart of
Ethiopia’s Islamic community and considered to be the
fourth – holiest Muslim city in the world. It is resident to the
Hyena man who bravely feeds wild Hyenas and the city is
also famous for its colorful and Multi cultural market.