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Dr. Gustavo Bounous, MD, FRCSC
Dr. Bounous developed the method for the
production of a specific whey protein which was
given the proprietary name Immunocal. It
became the standard by which all other whey
products eventually had to be measured.
Educated at the University of Turin and the
University of Genoa Italy, Dr. Bounous'
distinguished career in medical research began
as a Research Fellow in surgery at the Indiana
Medical Center, Indianapolis. In 1963 he moved
to Canada and began an academic career that
led him to become Professor of Surgery, first at
the University of Sherbrooke (1973-1985) and
then at McGill University (1985-1993).
Dr. Bounous was awarded the 1965 medal of the Royal College of Physicians and
Surgeons of Canada. He pioneered the use of elemental diets in the prophylaxis
and treatment of intestinal lesions associated with shock, intestinal ischemia,
radiation, cancer chemotherapy and Crohn's disease. From 1968 – 1993 he was
the Career Investigator of the Medical Research Council, and was honoured as a
lifetime member of the Research Council of Canada.
In 1978, Dr. Bounous initiated a novel research program in conjunction with
colleagues from the McGill University Faculty of Medicine to search for a dietary
protein source that would boost the immune system. Their research led to the
isolation and preparation of an undenatured milk concentrate that helps to sustain
normal glutathione levels and a strong immune system. Subsequent identification of
the active ingredients present in this protein mixture led to the development of a
high-quality bioactive material given the name and trademark Immunocal in 1993.
"There will come a day when everyone interested in health will be paying close
attention to raising their glutathione levels. We have found the way to do this safely
and consistently with Immunocal."
Dr. Patricia Kongshavn, MA, MSc, PhD
Patricia Kongshavn received her Honours Degree in
Natural Sciences as a Major Scholar at Cambridge
University, and completed her doctorate in Immunology
at McGill University after emigrating to Canada. She
subsequently joined the Faculty of Medicine at McGill
University and held appointments in the Departments of
Physiology and Medicine, becoming Full Professor in
Her research was funded by independent grants to her
from the Medical Research Council of Canada, the
National Cancer Institute of Canada and the National
Institutes of Health in the United States.
Her main research was concerned with increasing basic knowledge of the immune
system, with a focus on cellular immunology and the genetics of natural resistance.
In the mid-1970’s she began collaboration initiated by Dr. Gustavo Bounous to
research the influence of various dietary proteins on immune responsiveness. They
published their first paper on this research in 1978 and continued their collaboration
until 1989, during which period they co-authored 14 papers. This work led to the
discovery of the particular whey protein concentrate that regulated glutathione
levels and promoted immune enhancing activity. This led ultimately to the
production of the high quality natural product: Immunocal.
"Nutritional strategies for raising glutathione in many different pathologies will prove
highly beneficial. Immunocal is specifically designed to do just that."
Dr. Wulf Dröge, PhD
Dr. Dröge was the first to describe the effect of
glutathione on the immune response of a living organism
(1986) and to discover the abnormally low cysteine and
glutathione levels in HIV patients (1988-1989).
In a series of clinical studies, Dr. Dröge investigated the
effects of cysteine supplementation on the immune
system in healthy humans and HIV patients and on
weight loss in cachectic cancer patients. Dr. Dröge was
also actively engaged in the design of clinical studies and
organized research activities in cooperation with
colleagues at McGill University and other leading
scientific institutions.
Dr. Dröge devoted more than forty years to basic and clinical research. His work
ethic set the standard for the formulation of safe and effective new Immunotec
products such as Immunocal Platinum.
After his doctorate at the University of Freiburg, Dr. Dröge conducted research at
the Max-Planck Institute of Immunobiology in Freiburg, Germany, and the University
of Minnesota, with renowned immunologist Dr. R.A. Good.
Subsequently, he served for three years as a research fellow at Harvard University
and for four years as a scientific member at the world-renowned Basel Institute for
Immunology. What followed was an almost 30 year career as a professor of
immunology and cell biology at the University of Heidelberg and head of the
Department of Immunochemistry at the National Cancer Research Center of
Germany (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum).
His international reputation in the field of redox physiology and aging research is
based on more than 280 publications in international scientific journals.
He focused his research in the areas of redox regulation and signaling pathways,
pathogenesis of HIV infection, the mechanisms of disease-related wasting and
aging, and the action of tumor necrosis factor (TNF).
He also published many articles in the fields of redox physiology, cancer and aging
research and regularly gave student lectures at McGill University in Montreal.
"Through its special structural properties, Immunocal overcomes a cellular
deficiency that affects most notably the cells of the immune system and is
associated with an increased incidence of infections. People are well advised to
consume Immunocal regularly."
Dr. Luc Montagnier,
Montagnier MD, PhD
Winner of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine for his
discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
with Francoise Barre-Sinoussi in 1983.
Dr. Montagnier is co-founder of the World Foundation
for AIDS Research and Prevention. He has made
many significant discoveries concerning the nature of
viruses and his work has contributed to the
understanding of how viruses can alter the genetic
information of host organisms.
His work has significantly advanced cancer research.
As one of the world’s experts in the field, Dr. Montagnier is co-author of the book
“Oxidative Stress in Cancer, AIDS, and Neurodegenerative Diseases” where he
dedicated an entire chapter to Immunocal® where it states that:
“Glutathione is of major significance in cellular antioxidant activity, and Immunocal®
functioning as a cysteine delivery system can enhance glutathione synthesis.”
Luc Montagnier
Dr. Jimmy
Gutman, MD, FACEP
Dr. Gutman is a former professor at McGill
University Medical School where his original
speciality was emergency medicine; he now
practices family medicine. He was trained at the
University of Calgary and did his emergency
medicine residency at Emory University in Atlanta,
Georgia where he was chief resident.
He went on to an accomplished career in Canada,
where he was appointed as the undergraduate
director and residency training director of
Emergency Medicine at McGill University.
He has been organizer and speaker at multiple national and international medical
conferences and contributed to the training of thousands of doctors and students.
Dr. Gutman also sat on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Association of
Emergency Medicine and various other boards dealing with policy and education.
An expert on glutathione and the author of several best-selling books on the topic,
he is dedicated to seeing the gap bridged between traditional and complementary
He has appeared numerous times on television and radio discussing the role of
glutathione in health and disease.
“Your life depends on glutathione... Without it, your cells would disintegrate from
unrestrained oxidation, your body would have little resistance to bacteria, viruses
and cancer, and your liver would shrivel up from the eventual accumulation of
The profound benefit of Immunocal is that it delivers to your body the critical
building blocks for your cells to manufacture glutathione themselves. Your cells will
make their OPTIMAL level of glutathione and no more.
I love this approach because the product works with your own biology and serves
to optimize the human immune system.
This is the difference between Immunocal and most other supplements claiming
antioxidant ability: Only Immunocal is scientifically proven to optimize immunity and
is so recognized by these patents (5230902, 5290571)."
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