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H i n t e r ' s R h a ~ s o d uI1
T i m Knight (1959-1
for clarinet and string ensemble
Born in 1959, Tim Knight was a chorister at York Minster from the age of 10 while also
studying the violin and beginning to compose. He is a freelance Choral Director and
composer of choral, orchestral, ensemble and organ music. With over 80 works in print, and
a steady stream of performances around the country, his music is immediately attractive
because it is not only accessible to the performer, but also has melodic appeal for the listener.
Since 1991, Tim Knight has been responsible for the activities of Leeds-based Parkfield
Music, and is also responsible for an Organists' relief Service. He is an officer and Fellow of
the Guild of Singers and Musicians and an Associate of the Faculty of Church Music. Tim
Knight usually writes in response to specific requests, and many of his pieces are designed
for teaching and concert use, to act as a stepping stone to longer pieces by contemporary
Winter S Rhapsody 11 is a one-movement work, scored for clarinet accompanied by a string
ensemble. One reviewer (Music Teacher, Sept 1995) describes the "free, flowing solo
line.. .unafraid to move through a series of time signatures, (using) the clarinet's best melodic
register". There is an "independent accompaniment... with some moments of genuine
contrapuntal interest". True to the definition of a rhapsody, the piece offers some freedom to
the soloist, including cadenzas, while giving supportive guidance for phrasing and dynamics.
The string ensemble consists of violin I, violin 2, viola (divisi at times), cello (divisi at times)
and double bass.
Tim Knight's Winter S Rhapsody I for cello and strings won the Koestler Award in 1993 and
his Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra (1995) was highly commended at the Oare
International Competition. Winter's Rhapsody 11, written in 1994, was set from his
manuscript by the composer.
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