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240WestStreet,ReadingMA01867/781.944.0959(ph)/781.944.7341(fax)/[email protected]
RamiLevin,DanielBurwasser,MichaelG. NEWCENTURYVOLUME18
NEW CENTURY SERIES VOLUME 18 is the latest entry in MMC’s extensive catalog featuring the finest in modern classical. This
collection boasts a wide array of outstanding composers, ensembles, and works, ranging from Warsaw’s beautiful reading of the
emotionally diverse ANIMA / BREATH OF LIFE by Rami Levin to the LSO’s audacious and fiery performance of McKinley’s
LIGHTNING (AN OVERTURE). Longtime MMC composer Daniel Burwasser contributes the provoking string piece FLUX, performed
by Marin Alsop and the Concordia Orchestra, while Robert Reno provides SIMPLE MOTIVES IN MINOR MODES, an august score
featuring the Seattle Symphony led by conductor Gerard Schwarz. The Moravian Philharmonic, one of MMC’s primary orchestral
partners, once again gives top-notch performances to works both austere (Cunningham’s WAKEFIELD AUTUMN) and sublime
Look for the next volume of NEW CENTURY in late 2006 featuring the works of Jeffrey Nytch, Michael Cunningham, Rami Levin,
Robert Wilks, and more.
Since its formation in 1992 by the renowned composer William Thomas McKinley (b. 1938), MMC Recordings has produced and released hundreds of orchestral works by the
leading lights of contemporary classical music in addition to its rising stars. “It is a difficult proposition for any composer to get their music recorded,” says McKinley, “and often
times even harder to get it heard. We’ve been able to help composers connect with the listening public and vice versa and have built a wonderfully diverse catalog of truly
outstanding modern music.”
The label’s primary collaborators include luminaries such as clarinetist Richard Stoltzman (a long-time friend and supporter of McKinley and his music), conductors Gerard
Schwarz, Gil Rose, George Manahan, Vit Micka, and Kirk Trevor as well as the London Symphony Orchestra, Seattle Symphony, Warsaw Philharmonic, Boston Modern
Orchestra, and Moravian Philharmonic, among others.
“A recording project of this magnitude fills a void indeed,” says Schwarz, “and thus deserves greater and greater visibility, diversity, and significant collaborations.” With
industry leaders being forced to cut budgets and slash recording projects, there is little room for programming the works of living artists, but MMC remains committed to the
cultivation and preservation of modern classical music.
“MMC has given an enormous boost in helping to remedy the paucity of recordings of living American composers,” says Stoltzman. “I’m very proud to help play a vital role in
the creation of new works, their performance and recordings, their commercial viability, and their cultural-historical preservation.” For more information please visit MMC online
at,, and