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Drummer - Percussionist - Composer
Friche la Belle de Mai - 41 rue Jobin - 13003 Marseille - FRANCE
Tél : +33 (0)1 79 25 38 03 - Mob : +33 (0)6 25 47 01 55
Mail : [email protected] -
12th festival "Nuit d’Hiver" in Marseilles: project Four Organs and musical practice workshops.
18th "Festival de Robion" (Vaucluse): concert Ahmad Compaoré Trio.
29th festival "MIMI" in Marseilles: creation of the project Camel Zekri Diwan, fusion between
traditional music from Algeria and contemporary music.
20th "Fes World Sacred Music Festival " (Morocco): opening show with the international creation
Conférences des Oiseaux.
22nd festival "Jazz à Ouaga" (Burkina Faso): 3 concerts Ahmad Compaoré Trio + cultural actions.
Festival "Cinélatino 26th Rencontres de Toulouse": music-video performance Te recuerdo Victor Jara
with Jean-Marc Montera, Sven Pohlhammer and Marucha Castillo.
8th festival "Jazz sur la Ville" in Marseilles: trio Nafas and duo with Jac Berrocal.
8th festival "Portes Ouvertes Consolat" in Marseilles: 2 solo showcases and closing concert with
Ahmad Compaoré & Friends.
"Impasse Invaders #7" at the GRIM Montévidéo in Marseilles: tribute concert to Chilean singer
Victor Jara with Jean-Marc Montera, Sven Pohlhammer and Alberto Arroyo.
9th forum "Babel Med Music" in Marseilles: creation Zamalek (France/Egypt) for the project
"Watt !" of Marseille-Provence 2013 gathering musicians from Marseilles and Egyptian rappers.
Concert at the Cri du Port in Marseilles: trio with Barre Phillips and Camel Zekri.
1st festival "Ça va Jazzer !" in Aubagne: trio Nafas.
7th festival "Portes Ouvertes Consolat" in Marseilles: 2 solo showcases.
Concert as part of "La Caravane en Région" at the Théâtre Silvain in Marseilles: Ahmad Compaoré
Trio with Jeff Kellner, Sylvain Terminiello and Christophe LeLoil as special guest.
8th festival "Sonic Protest" in Paris: Fall of Saigon with Terry Den and Jean-Marc Montera.
15th festival "Nozart" in Cologne: duo with guitarist Jean-François Pauvros.
Festival "Région en Scène PACA Corse" in Aubagne: Ahmad Compaoré Quintet.
17th "Festival des Méditerranées" in Marseilles: the trio Nafas invites Tania Zolty.
1st festival "Meltin' Art" in Marseilles: Ahmad Compaoré Special Afrobeat.
6th festival "Portes Ouvertes Consolat" in Marseilles: trio Nafas.
6th festival "Jazz sur la Ville" in Marseilles: party-concert with DJ Rebel.
12th "Festival Jazz des Cinq Continents" in Marseilles: trio with Marc Ribot and Jamaaladeen Tacuma.
2nd festival "Trad'In" in Embrun: the trio Nafas invites Sam Karpienia.
Concert with Rhys Chatham, Nina Canal and Jean-François Pauvros at the CAC in Brétigny-sur-Orge.
Concert with Famoudou Don Moyé & Friends at the Cabaret Aléatoire in Marseilles.
Residency of creation and concerts with Ahmad Compaoré Quintet in Venelles and Marseilles.
Ahmad Compaoré - 1
16th "Festival des Méditerranées" in Marseilles: trio with Hakim Hamadouche and Manu Théron.
Festival "Djembefolie Jazz" in Cannes: Ahmad Compaoré & Guests.
"European Heritage Days" in Draguignan: trio with the Kawa Brothers from Jaipur (Indian classical
music, drums and contemporary percussion).
Concert at the Sunset jazz club in Paris with singer Sublime and Japanese trumpet player Jun Miyake
for the French release of their album Ludic’.
15th "Festival de Marseille": creation project with guitarist Jean-Marc Montera and Japanese
musicians (Ikue Mori, Tenko et Nisennenmondai).
25th festival "MIMI" in Marseilles: Ahmad Compaoré & Guests.
7th festival "Nuit d’Hiver" in Marseilles: workshops and concert around New-York composer Rhys
Chatham, with Jean-Marc Montera, Ernie Brooks and Jean-François Pauvros.
4th festival "Jazz sur la Ville" in Marseilles with Ahmad Compaoré Quintet.
4th "Festival des Musiques Insolentes" in Draguignan: duo with Jean-Marc Montera.
24th festival "Jazz Fort Napoléon" in La Seyne-sur-Mer with Jean-Marc Montera Quartet (J.-M.
Montera, André Jaume, Jacques Nobili, Ahmad Compaoré).
5th festival "Alternatilla" in Palma de Mallorca: "Les Religions Sauvages" with Pakito Bolino.
Festival "Pluri(Elles)" with Ivory Coast dancer Nadia Beugré for "Un Espace vide : moi".
Festival "Arabesque: Arts of the Arab World" in Washington DC with the duet "Temporament".
Recipient of the Culturesfrance "Hors Les Murs" award: 4-month residency in Tokyo for a creation
project with several Japanese musicians (Otomo Yoshihide, Seigen Ono, Semba Kiyohiko…).
23rd festival "MIMI" in Marseilles: world creation of the Ahmad Compaoré Quintet.
27th festival "Jazz et Musique Improvisée en Franche-Comté" in Besançon: trio with Louis Sclavis
and Jean-Marc Montera.
25th festival "Musique Action" in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy: trio with Marc Ribot and Jamaaladeen
Tacuma, trio with Louis Sclavis and Jean-Marc Montera.
2nd festival "Dancing on the Edge" (Netherlands) for the duet "Temporament" with Karima Mansour.
2nd festival "Jazz sur la Ville" in Marseilles: trio with Jean-Marc Montera and Jac Berrocal.
24th festival "Musique Action" in Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy: duo with Fred Frith.
9th "Intercultural Festival of Mayotte" with the band of Comorian singer Diho.
Formation of the Ahmad Compaoré Quintet, comprising Hervé Samb and Stéphane Mondésir.
"Les Religions Sauvages": video/live music performances with Pakito Bolino (Le Dernier Cri) at the
"Sismics Festival" in Sierre, the Point Ephémère and the Instants Chavirés in Paris.
Participation in the residencies of New-York composer Butch Morris in Marseilles, ending with the
creation of "Skyscraper" at La Criée theatre during the "Nuit d’Hiver" festival.
1st festival "Jazz sur la Ville" in Marseilles: trio with Barre Phillips and Vincent Ségal.
Participation in the concert organized by the GMEM to help raise funds for the Gamelan of
Pujokusuman orchestra in Indonesia (with Jean-Marc Montera, Barre Phillips…).
Residency at the CCR La Borie-en-Limousin with Indian tabla player Sree Debasish Dass:
workshops, master classes and concert.
Ahmad Compaoré - 2
Recipient of the "Villa Médicis Hors Les Murs" award (AFAA): 4-month residency in India for tabla
learning with master Sree Debasish Dass.
Participation in several concerts in India, such as the "Levi’s Sunday Jam" in Bangalore.
Residency in Istanbul with dancer Mustafa Kaplan (Cati Studyosu) for the project "Mos-aï-que",
international multidisciplinary meeting (music, dance, theatre, visual arts and video).
Creation of "Opus Mêkhanê" in Limoges, orchestral piece by Gilles Colliard and Jean-Marc Montera
mixing classical, contemporary and improvised music.
1st Prize at the Cairo Contemporary Dance Festival with the duet "Temporament".
Important tour with the duet "Temporament": Tunis, Carthage, "Les Eclectiques" festival in Blois,
"Roaming Inner Landscapes" festival in Alexandria, "MIMI" festival in Marseilles...
Participation in "Sirènes et Midi Net" (urban ritual initiated by Lieux Publics) with Pierre-Yves
Macé outside the Opera House in Marseilles.
1st festival "Nuit d’Hiver" in Marseilles: praised solo and duet with percussionist Pablo Cueco.
Creation of "La Mer Intérieure, Voix-Algérie", musical play by Frédérique Wolf-Michaux for 4
musician improvisors and 2 comedian singers.
5th "Choreographic Meetings of Africa and Indian Ocean" in Madagascar (organised by AFAA) for
the duet "Temporament".
Tour with the trio Oriental Fusion.
Concert with Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Hakim Hamadouche and Edmond Hosdikian at Contemporary
Art Museum in Barcelona.
World creation of the duet "Temporament" at the "Dansem" festival in Marseilles with Egyptian
dancer and choreographer Karima Mansour (Cie MA’AT).
Participation in the residency for the "Opus Mêkhanê" project: collaboration between Gilles Colliard
from the Symphonic Orchestra of Limoges and Jean-Marc Montera from the GRIM in Marseilles.
3rd "Festival Jazz des Cinq Continents" in Marseilles: trio Oriental Fusion.
Musical creation for the show "Aphrodite" by Jakline Cerv (Cie Papyrus).
Release of the album "Oriental Fusion" with the participation of Tom Cora and Barre Phillips.
Musical creation for the performance "WalkAbout Stalk" with Jean-Marc Montera and Michèle
Ricozzi (collective Skalen) at the "Dansem" festival in Marseilles.
Tour in South of France with the band of Reunion Island singer and composer Ti Fock.
Concerts and tour with different groups (Oriental Fusion and Saf Sap).
Recording of the CD-Rom "Arman, collectionneur d’Art Africain" for Arte Editions. I compose the
track "Africa" with pianist Christine Wodrascka.
Ahmad Compaoré - 3
Creation of the trio Oriental Fusion with Hakim Hamadouche and Edmond Hosdikian.
Concerts in Europe with the Graphic Scores band on Fred Frith’s invitation.
Praised performance at the Aix-en-Provence festival alongside Michel Petrucciani, Barre Phillips
and Tom Cora.
Collaboration with AMI for the residency of Burkinabé balafonist Mahama Konaté in Marseilles.
Participation in the residency of Japanese percussionist Makoto Yakubi in Marseilles, who creates
the Bamboo Orchestra: making of instruments and recording of the album "Také".
Participation in the residency of Scottish artist Maggie Nicols in Marseilles and recording of the
album "Méchantes !".
Praised performance with Méchantes ! at the "MIMI" festival in Marseilles and European tour.
Two-year drum course at the Centre Musical & Créatif de Nancy (now M.A.I.), from which I
majored highly commended.
Formation of the band Que d’la Gueule, set up with some members from "Helter Skelter".
I joined the band Mais Bon with Edmond Hosdikian and Farid Khenfouf, performing on many local
The rock opera "Helter Skelter" is performed in Marseilles, Paris, Saint-Brieuc, Zurich and Zagreb
then in Spain and Germany. The intense 8-month collaboration prior to the tour was the opportunity
for Fred Frith to have a lasting influence on my future as a drummer.
Eight-month residency in Marseilles with British guitarist Fred Frith and 14 other musicians for the
creation of the rock opera "Helter Skelter", staged by François-Michel Pesenti.
© Chris Boyer
Ahmad Compaoré - 4
© Yann Etesse
NAFAS means « breath » in literary Arabic. Vital breath, it is the force that nurtures, inspires and creates.
Members of the collective Musique Rebelle, Ahmad Compaoré, Fred Pichot and Sylvain Terminiello have
imagined an eclectic and mixed music transcending cultures and social belonging. Between free jazz, fusion
and world music, NAFAS travels along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea mixing oriental, afrobeat or
klezmer influences. Made of original compositions and revisited traditional themes, the repertoire is
sustained by improvisation and spiced up with a touch of electro. Like a dialogue between popular and art
music where tradition meets modernity...
AHMAD COMPAORÉ: drums, percussion
Of Egyptian and Burkinabé origins, Ahmad Compaoré confirms his singular talent alongside Fred Frith, Marc
Ribot, Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Barre Phillips, Camel Zekri or Egyptian choreographer Karima Mansour. With a
constant craving for exploration and discovery, he shares his creativeness between music, dance, theatre
and digital art. Twice recipient of the Culturesfrance "Hors Les Murs" award, he lived in India and Japan as
part of residencies of creation. Free from boundaries, he equally enjoys the most extreme experiences in
alternative and improvised music, jazz and fusion.
FRED PICHOT: saxophones, flute, machines
All together musician, composer and arranger, Fred Pichot performs within several bands: Namaste !, La
Familia and Samenakoa amongst others. A prolific and versatile artist, he enjoys various collaborations in
jazz, electro and traditional music. His interest for jazz and ethnic music, as well as his curiosity about the
evolution of electronic instruments, lead him to try out original sound combinations.
Trained at the Conservatoire de Cavaillon in Jeff Corallini's jazz class, Sylvain Terminiello quickly joined
various local groups and took a double bass course with Michel Zenino. An eclectic musician (jazz, rock,
salsa, world, electro), he performs within several bands (Iraka, The Kitchen’s Tales, Namaste !) and
collaborates with international artists (Natalia M. King, Paul di Anno).
Ahmad Compaoré - 5
A proposal by La Boîte à Musique and Cabaret Aléatoire
Artistic direction: Ahmad Compaoré
Created in 2007 by drummer Ahmad
Compaoré, MUSIQUE REBELLE (Rebel
Music) is a multidisciplinary event
designed as a festival. The concept was
born of the jam sessions organized by La
Boîte à Musique and held at the Friche la
Belle de Mai in Marseilles. A place of
gathering for musicians from the new
local jazz scene, where artists and public
set aside a moment to exchange. Indeed,
here is the real contemporary music,
alive and mutant. Urban rhythms and
world cultures sustain the energetic
swing, in constant evolution. In a
dynamics of creation and rebellion, art
establishes itself more than ever as a
resistance and a struggle. Let’s meet to
forge our own effervescent music...
Keep spirit sharp, your eyes peeled...
and be all ears!
Ahmad Compaoré - 6
FRITH - 2007
2007 & 2009
Fred Frith, Ahmad Compaoré Trio: the most
exciting jazz gig of the New Year.
A two-day bonanza with one of the greatest guitar players of all times: Fred FRITH
at l'Institut on Saturday 17 January 2009 and Sunday 18 at «SuperDeluxe».
These concerts were initiated by Ahmad Compaoré, French drummer from
Marseilles, recipient of Culturesfrance « Hors les Murs » award, in residency in
Tokyo to complete the «Akira» musical project with violinist Tadahiko Yokogawa.
«Akira» is a dialogue between popular and art music, acoustic and electronic
music, where tradition meets modernity. Basically, a contemporary dialogue
between Ahmad and Tadahiko, each one entangled with his respective society, a
confrontation of each one’s relation with his own culture. Sharing the same view of
our modern societies, inventing a new genre, influenced by their respective career
in improvised music.
With: Fred Frith (g.), Ahmad Compaoré (d.), Otomo Yoshihide (g. / turntable).
In the field of improvised
music, must-see personalities
were reunited for striking and
long-awaited encounters, such
as the one between guitarist
Fred Frith and the percussions
of Ahmad Compaoré.
Festival Musique Action, Nancy
with Fred Frith - 18.05.2007
Ahmad Compaoré - 7
RIBOT & TACUMA - 2008 & 2011
Festival Jazz des Cinq Continents,
Marseilles - 23.07.2011
L'Autre Canal
45 boulevard d’Austrasie
54000 Nancy
Tél : +33 (0)3 83 38 44 88
With Jamaaladeen Tacuma - 11.05.2008
Ahmad Compaoré - 8
Batteur et percussionniste marseillais, Ahmad
Compaoré a hérité de ses origines égyptoburkinabé une richesse musicale et le goût du
voyage sur la route des rythmes. Un parcours déjà
marqué de rencontres : Mama Konaté, balafoniste
du Burkina Faso et divers percussionnistes du
Sénégal, des Comores, de l'Ile Maurice et de la
Réunion. En 1995, le compositeur japonais Makoto
Yabuki fait appel à lui pour créer et fabriquer des
percussions originales en bambou, métal et peau. Il
manquait cependant à son répertoire la percussion
indienne. Attiré par l'Inde depuis l'enfance, fasciné
par sa diversité culturelle et spirituelle, Ahmad
Compaoré choisit de s'initier aux tablas. « Formé à
la batterie de manière autodidacte, j'ai toujours
ressenti que la musique s'apprivoisait d'abord avec
l'oreille, avant l'écriture. L'apprentissage des tablas,
où l'oralité tient une place importante et où la
relation entre maître et disciple est privilégiée, me
correspondait parfaitement ».
A Pondichéry, il a pour maître Sree Debasish Dass,
originaire de Calcutta et disciple du grand Pandit
Jnan Prakash. « Cette initiation aux tablas a enrichi
mon vocabulaire musical et mon propre style. Notre
collaboration fut excellente car Debasish, imprégné
de musique traditionnelle, est ouvert aux autres
genres venus d'Occident. Tous deux désireux de
partager nos connaissances et notre culture
musicale, nous envisageons de poursuivre cette
démarche en France avec la venue de musiciens
indiens, invités à donner des concerts et des
ateliers à Paris et Marseille ». Réunir musiciens
européens et indiens, mêler influences occidentales
et orientales : du jazz et de la fusion pour une
musique sans frontières.
A drummer and percussionist from
Marseille, Ahmad Compaoré has inherited from
his Burkina-Faso-Egyptian origins a wealth of
musical tradition and a love for travel on the
rhythm road. His career has already been marked
by a series of encounters: Mama Konaté, a
balafonist from Burkina-Faso and various
percussionists from Senegal, the Comoros,
Mauritius and the Reunion. In 1995, the Japanese
composer Makoto Yabuki asked him to design
and make new percussion instruments in bamboo,
metal and skin. However, Indian percussion was
missing from his repertory. Ahmad Compaoré,
attracted to India since his childhood, fascinated
by her cultural and spiritual diversity, decided to
learn the tabla. “Being a self-trained drummer, I
have always felt that the ear first had to master
the music before it could be written. Learning the
tabla, which favours the oral and in which the
master-disciple relationship has a special face,
suited me perfectly”. In Pondicherry, he studied
under Sree Debasish Dass, who was born in
Calcutta and a disciple of the great Pandit Jnan
Prakash. “This initiation into the tabla has
enriched my musical vocabulary and my own
style. Our collaboration was excellent, for
Debasish, imbued with traditional music, is open
to other genres from the West. As both of us are
keen on sharing our musical knowledge and
culture, we hope to continue this endeavour in
France with Indian musicians being invited to give
concerts and hold workshops in Paris and
Marseille”. Getting together European and Indian
musicians, mixing western and eastern influences,
in other words, creating jazz and fusion for music
without borders.
Ahmad Compaoré - 9
Festival Musique Action, Nancy - 18.05.2007
hen Ahmad strikes his drum set, there is, at the tip of his sticks or his fingers,
an irrepressible energy rising from his toes as much as from his heart.
The fact that he was privileged, with some young Marseilles colleagues,
to work with Fred Frith and Albert Marcoeur for a few years, should not be
seen as the tree that masks the forest, even if it proved to be a decisive encounter.
After all, others got the same chance, but did not seize it.
Ahmad is in constant progress. His desire to vanquish is immense.
Contrary to appearances, he doesn’t belong to ethnic music,
or to the leisure industry, or to jazz-fusion.
Ahmad is still a child and already a grandfather,
he needs no advice and paradoxically, he has everything to learn.
Basically, he is a man of the future…
Ferdinand Richard
(AMI - Aide aux Musiques Innovatrices)
Ahmad Compaoré - 10