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Bains-douches Castagnary. paris15
34, rue Castagnary
Situated in the East of the 15th arrondissement, the plot at
34 Rue Castagnary houses the old public baths in a red brick
building that is typical of the 1930s. With its unique interior
featuring showers, waiting rooms and staff apartments, this
house is an open invitation for great innovation in terms of
usage. It is built in the shape of an arrow pointing at a lively
square in the district, has high visibility and is just waiting
for original projects.
Expected program : this programme should prioritise housing, including 30% social housing.
Owner : Ville de Paris
Plot : 457m²
Buildings : 550 m2 net floor area
Land register references : AH 21
Bains-douches Castagnary. paris15
34, rue Castagnary
Existing buildings
In the shape of an arrow pointing toward the square, the building consists of a ground floor and a
first floor. The point of the arrow houses the vestibule, the stairs, the staff areas and apartment
(renovated in 2006) as well as the public bath waiting rooms. Behind it, a rectangular building
houses 29 shower compartments per floor, distributed on either side of a central corridor.
The rear part of the building is flanked by a yard on either side. On the Rue Catagnary side, the surface of the yard is broken by a series of openings providing access to the basement, whose ground
area extends to the street. The basement consists mainly of the boiler, installed in 2006 and fed by
the CPCU.The structure of the building, including the frame, is made of concrete. The façade walls
are faced with bricks.
Current and desirable future uses
The public baths closed for good in October 2011.
A temporary occupancy agreement allows the «la main» collective to use the premises.
Known pollution
The historical study conducted on the site stipulates:
«Based to the information collected, the plot in question accommodated the municipal public baths
from 1930 to 2011. No other form of activity was exercised on the site during this period.
Prior to that, sales of flour, salt and sanitary appliances were reported at this address in 1904.
The identified Potentially Polluted Zones (PPZ) are:
- The use of coal to heat the water for the baths (as indicated by the old plans dating from the
1930s, mentioning fuel bunkers and cinder bunkers) may have generated a layer of black earth
(unfavourable organoleptic indices: earth potentially refusable by inert waste storage facilities);
- The presence during the visit of a stock of chemical products and paint without retention measures on the floor of the cellar. It is not out of the question that larger quantities of products were
stored in this location in the past.
- The backfilling of the old quarries under the site, with poor-quality anthropogenic backfill.
Urban context
The old public baths are situated in a predominantly residential sector with lively ground-floor
retail outlets, particularly in the Rue de Vouillé, which benefits in the local urban development plan
from trade and artisan protection measures.
Regulatory provisions
Applicable local urban development plan
General Urban Zone
Height ceiling : 37 m
Residential protection sector.
Reinforced compensation sector.
Zone with a shortage of social housing.
Sector promoting the use of vegetal elements.
Old quarry zone.
Listed monument protection zone.
Plot acknowledged for its heritage