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Mr Zhou Shuang Yin
Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Singapore)
Objective: Application of Cuo(kneading method), Fei(flying method), Gua(scrapping
method),and Mo(rubbing method) in the treatment of skin diseases, which characterize by dry
or reddish; or thick skin; or having papular eruption or severe itch.
By differentiation of syndrome, which belong to deficiency in blood and vital energy, stasis
of blood. As when diseases are concerned, it might cover the following diseases as allergic
dermatitis, psoriasis, pruritus,polyhidrosis of hands and feet etc.
1. Selection of local acupoints , needle is inserted to the centre of the affected skin.
2. Selection of fixed acupoint, for example, for allergic dermatitis, use
3. Selection of neighboring acupoints
Manipulation: Using Professor Zhangjin guideline of needle’s manipulation, after inserting
the needle, use kneading method, repeating manipulation until the patient feels needling
sensation. Thereafter, follow by scrapping, flying and rubbing for 60 cycles. Optimal efficacy
would be expected if the patient feels sensation of numbness or coolness.
Result: Using these skills for the treatment of 26 cases of allergic dermatitis, 9 cases of
psoriasis and 6 cases of polyhidrosis of hands and feet. Evaluations of efficacy were decided
by improvement of colour of skin, reducing of affected area, thickness of skin and standard of
itch. Observation has shown an effectiveness of 100%.
Key Words: needle’s manipulation, Fei (flying method) to induce coolness, dermatology.