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ABSOLUTELY by Allan Girod
Absolutely is an intimate solo story of my life, an extreme introvert overcoming self-doubt to perform in
Cirque du Soleil. Laugh-out loud, touching and true, Absolutely is masterful, highly engaging and
inspirational storytelling. A showcase example of an increasingly popular performance genre, its themes of
identity, belonging, loss, adversity and hope resonate long after its final breath.
Absolutely blends subtle acting with conversational storytelling to be honest and personable in its
presentation, each audience member appreciating the performance as if only to them. They are transported
to Perth Western Australia, from darkest suburbia to a rural town to inside the mind of a struggling
performer and to a finale alongside him on a grandiose big top stage. The relatable personal history lures
audience in, leading them on a memorable journey of the heart that is both aching and uplifting.
I am a performer, storyteller and theatre maker, dividing my creative calendar between Perth, Western
Australia and London (UK Residency Visa). Under the name flaming locomotive I create intimate work of the
heart for international touring. Two previous solo show creations include the multi-award winning When
Harry Met Harry (Perth, Adelaide, Canada Fringes 2010 – 2011) and The Good Thief by Conor McPherson
(Perth, Adelaide, Canada Fringes 2007 - 2009).
In addition I work freelance, recent stage credits including You Once Said Yes (Look Left Look Right and Perth
International Arts Festival 2014), SPARK London Storytelling (UK 2013 to present), Corteo (Cirque du Soleil
2012), Perth Barefaced Stories (2011 to present) and Road Train (tours by Country Arts WA and kompany M
2000 and 2009).
I have been inspired by real-life story performance such as The Moth (New York), which toured to the Perth
International Arts Festival (2008 and 2009). I found it incredibly sacred and riveting. There’s no character,
costume, set or script to hide behind. The vulnerability and truth of the storyteller is what comes through,
creating a genuinely unique audience experience. Story stirs memories, emotions and facilitates connection,
as one story always triggers others.
Absolutely grew out my time with Cirque du Soleil. It was such an unexpected career event I found myself
reflecting, ‘how did this happen?’, and, ‘what do I want to do next?’ Piecing together the show was at times
wonderful, confronting and revealing. The concept of sharing ‘me’ rather than the official ‘successful actor’
persona felt courageous and frightening. The more I trialled material at London and Perth story evenings,
the more comfortable I became with being vulnerable on stage. This quality is what resonates most with
audience and has elicited generous responses from a diverse demographic.
"A confidently told story, an entirely winning one-man show" ABC RADIO, Fringe World 2014
"A warm and generous storyteller - candid, funny, insightful and reflective" Perth Theatre Reviews 2014
"An emotionally honest and gripping experience. Charming and compelling entertainment" Australian
Stage 2014
FULL REVIEWS|-flaming-locomotive.html
 School Age (12+)
 Young Adult
 Adult
Absolutely is a story of life. Events express a journey made of universal chapters; teenage rejection, a young
adult looking to belong and a mature adult following his heart to forge a new career path. Audience of
varying ages identify themselves at points in the story and engage with its humanity.
Recommended for General Audience 12+. No language or content warnings apply.
I have 10 years experience as a secondary school teacher and 5 years facilitating applied performing arts to
adult groups. I can offer workshops that compliment the performance and suit community needs in the
 Experiencing the Cirque du Soleil creative process
 Crafting and sharing stories
 Clowning and improvisation
 Applying performance skills to your daily life – improving self confidence
They can be tailored from 1 hour to full day, targeting high school students, drama and musical societies, or
general public of all ages.
ABC Performance Award - 1st Runner Up (2014) Perth Fringe World
Barefaced Stories
Story Battle – Finalist (2013, 2014)
When Harry Met Harry
Best of Fest Winner at Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton and Winnipeg Fringes (2010-11)
Audience Development and Judges Choice Awards, The Blue Room Theatre Awards (2010)
Contact Person:
Allan Girod (Writer, Performer, Producer)
(+61) 0408 305 660
[email protected]