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Forschungsbereich: GaN Leistungselektronik
DC/DC Wandler mit sehr hoher Schaltfrequenz (VHF)
DC/DC converter with very high switching frequency (VHF)
Ultra-compact power converters for e.g. smartphone chargers or LED light bulbs require
fast-switching and efficient power electronics. Conventional power converters with
magnetic power inductors are restricted to switching frequencies << 10MHz due to high
magnetic core losses at very high frequencies.
Air-core inductors overcome this limitation because they have no core losses. Resonant
converter topologies, e.g. class-Φ2 [1], enable very high switching frequencies >= 30 MHz
and still operate with reasonable efficiency.
„The world‘s smallest laptop charger“ [1]
For example, the “world’s smallest laptop charger” Dart/FINsix [2] is a 230V/20V, 65 W
AC/DC converter with air-core inductors operating at VHF.
This thesis investigates the working principle of VHF converters and designs an ultracompact, VHF dc/dc power converter based on gallium nitride (GaN) power transistors.
Objectives :
Class Φ2 converter [2]
• Review state-of-the-art VHF power converters
• Circuit design, dimensioning and PCB layout of a VHF dc/dc converter
• Simulation of the converter
• Measurement and evaluation of converter performance
Stefan Mönch, M.Sc.
Pfaffenwaldring 47, ETI-1, room: 0.160
[email protected] (0711/685-69022)
30 MHz
30 MHz trapezoidal switching waveforms [2]
[2] Rivas, Juan M.; Han, Yehui; Leitermann, Olivia; Sagneri, Anthony D.; Perreault, David J. (2008): A High-Frequency
Resonant Inverter Topology With Low-Voltage Stress. In: IEEE Trans. Power Electron. 23 (4), S. 1759–1771.