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Tashi Choling Society
Waking, Dreaming and
A Tibetan Buddhist View
A weekend of study of the views, insights & practices of living and dying
according to the tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
Chuck Damov
Friday, October 2nd, at 7 pm
A public talk to be held in the basement of the Nelson Library, Victoria St. entrance
Suggested donation $7
Chuck Damov will speak on
Life, Death and Rebirth: The Tibetan Buddhist View
Saturday, October 3rd from 10 – 5
At Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat, 6425 Sproule Creek Road, in Taghum
Sliding scale $20 - $50 per day
Saturday will focus on: Precious human life, exploration of the relationship between
the dreaming of life and the dying process
Sunday, October 4th, from 10 – 4
At Gaden Tashi Choling Retreat, 6425 Sproule Creek Rd Sliding scale $20 - $50 per day
Sunday will focus on: Buddhist exercises and practices related to dying
for self and others and the 8 inner visions
Please Note: Feel free to attend any or all the weekend events.
Please bring your own lunch, or a dish for a potluck lunch, if attending on Saturday or Sunday.
Chuck Damov has been studying and practicing Tibetan Buddhism extensively since 1981 in Canada, as
well as 4 years of studying and retreat in India and Nepal. Although he has studied with numerous
Tibetan masters, his primary lama is Venerable Zasep Rinpoche. At the request of Zasep Rinpoche,
Chuck has been teaching at various Dharma centres in North America for the last 12 years.
For information on Venerable Zasep Rinpoche and his teachings please visit
Call Joan at 250-354-0206 or Peter at 250-352-3061 for more info or visit