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w e b
g r a p h i c
Graphic Skill
i n t e r a c t i v e
Web Skill
graphic/vector drawing,
branding, concept & idea planing,
interactive & motion design
html, css, javascripts,
php, mysql
Graphic ++
Web ++
web design
responsive web design
brand identity
corporate stationery set
motion graphic
video production
print work
html5 + css3
responsive web design
jQuery & ajax & json
wordpress, magento
php + mvc
This is ME ! i’m ISSAC TOMATO TAN, 25 years old,
Want to know more about me? please visit my
personal online folio site at
“”, and feel free to drop
web administrator & graphic designer // from 20112012.
GRASS STUDIO- work as a web designer & developer
// from 2012- 2014.
me a message by TOMATO082014@GMAIL.COM.
Call me at +64 2108365387 ( new zealand )
Herbie Phoon -- employer
( Head Of Creative, Dasein Academy of Art Malaysia /
Creative Consultant, Grass Studio )
tel: +60 12-215 7326 ( UTC+8 hours, MY )
Diploma in graphic design, relevant coursework:
corporate identity / multimedia / advanced
multimedia / 2d digital application / professional
management / desktop publishing / intermediate
digital art/ art direction
Gary Pallet -- landloard
( Happy Dayz Backpacker Owner- Matakana )
tel: +64 021-954 099
To Whom It May Concern,
My name is Issac TomatoTan, 25 years old. I’m a web designer + front-end developer from
Malaysia, currently in New Zealand. I have 3 years work experience in web design &
development progress.
I'm graduated from Dasein Academy Of Art since 2011, with a diploma in graphic design. After
some work experience in web development progress, I have spent around 3 years
self-learning in web technology during my working time, started from being a rookie in web,
to now, when I am able to build a whole website with hand coding. Playing with open source
content management system, or even interactive, with third party applications, as well as
paypal, facebook, google cse and more. I enjoy my time exploring new web technology and
exploring my own ideas.
I think I'm...
- familiar with design software & progress
- able to follow up client’s brief, come out concept plan & design idea
- have experience in UI / UX design
- in love with clean & tidy code
- have experience with open source technologies such as PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3,
ThreeJs, Jquery, Javascript, Wordpress, PHP MVC Frameworks, and more
- understanding of responsive design and development practices
- have strong technical and problem solving skills, talent in code, fast independent learner
- quiet when working, talking when discussing, active when home time is coming, and the
ability to work in a team environment
- have experience with server administration, DNS and hosting configuration
Compared with other front-end developers, I know how to speak designer language, and
have experience in how backend developer work. I can bring the designer's mind to life
without losing or dropping anything behind, there will be some interesting front-end
examples for you to look at in my blog post.
I thought I’d say hello and give you some information, and you are welcome to drop me a
message if you would like to know more about me.
Portfolio site:
Some funny stuff:
Kind Regards
- Issac Tomatotan