Download Tangozebra `Stub` File Implementation – Vers 02b

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Tangozebra Eldon House 1 Dorset Street London W1U 4BB UK Reg 04287527
Tangozebra ‘Stub’ File Implementation – Vers 02b
The ‘Stub’ file is required to enable a web site that serves adverts to an iframe to successfully
traffic a Tangozebra Expand / DHTML banner or Overlay. Without a Stub file the creative
content that leaves the iframe (e.g. expands down the page in reaction to a user roll-over or
appears over the page for an Overlay) will not appear over the page.
How does the Stub File work?
Each time a traffic tag for a Tangozebra advert is requested by the web site’s ad serving
software an automatic check for the Stub file is made. When it is successfully located, the
advert is able to show over the iframe, on the main page.
What do I need to do?
The Stub file must be hosted on the same specific domain as the web page that contains the
iframe where the banner will appear. This is very important particularly for sites or networks
that run multiple domains. The location of the stub file must be inputted to Tangozebra’s
ZebraOne interface.
Click on the Config link in the Traffic Config section and then tick the check box for ‘Serve
through iframe? Then enter the URL for your iframe Stub file into the ‘Iframe buster url:’ field.
This is vital to enable the advert to function properly when it is put live.
Copyright Tangozebra 2002 – All Rights Reserved
Tangozebra Eldon House 1 Dorset Street London W1U 4BB UK Reg 04287527
The web site are trafficking a TZ Expand banner ad onto the home page and
the media page: and
As they are different domains each requires a copy of the Stub file:
Please note that when inputting the url into adman, it is only necessary to use the relative
The code will not work if you use the entire URL.
If you have any queries please contact: [email protected] or call 020 7535 9829.
What is an ‘iframe’?
The iframe element allows html authors to insert an ‘independent’ frame within a page. Prior to
the increasing demand for javascript-based advertising solutions iframes were commonly used
to display and rotate html based content (e.g. traditional gif banner adverts) without affecting
the host page.
About Tangozebra:
Tangozebra is recognised as the market leader in digital marketing services in the UK. Through a
combination of highly developed proprietary technologies and unrivalled industry sector partnerships,
Tangozebra offers tried and tested online sales and marketing services. All Tangozebra’s rich media
campaigns are hosted on its own dedicated European Datacentre and tracked and reported through its
‘Adman’ campaign management system. This combination is the rich media standard in the UK and is
relied on by all the major media owners (Yahoo, MSN, Freeserve, BT) and media buyers (Carat, I-Level,
Mindshare, MediaVest) alike, for rich media campaigns.
Primarily a technology based company; Tangozebra's solutions are based on its patented delivery engine,
N-XECTM, which won the British Computer Society award 1999, The Software Business Network award
1999 and Millennium product status in the same year.
Copyright Tangozebra 2002 – All Rights Reserved