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Sarah Lafferty
email | [email protected]
phone | 203.910.0928
Design Experience
Freelance Work
Best Friends Pet Care Corp. Office | 2013 – 2015
International Balut Federation
› Design products such as flyers, brochures, coupons, banners, outdoor signage, logos, posters, and other marketing materials for 41 pet boarding locations and 12 veterinary hospitals
› Work with Dreamweaver and WordPress to prepare HTML email blasts and assist with updating the company website
› Design and produce all materials for various marketing campaigns with both digital and print components
› Assist Digital Marketing Manager in maintenance of several social media pages, provide imagery for special events, design content for contests, and manage posting to company Tumblr blog
Public Outreach for UConn Libraries | 2012 – 2013
› Create publicity materials for library programs & events in the form of flyers, video editing, posters, greeting cards or web content
Design Center | 2012 – 2013
› Work individually and with groups to design materials for clients
› Focus on projects for maintaining and creating websites, also work on print projects
CT Web Factory | 2011, 2012
› Design products such as flyers, banners, logos, and manage social media pages both for clients
and internal marketing
› Design websites for clients and provide edits throughout development process
› Work with Dreamweaver and WordPress to edit existing sites
Other Work Experience
Digital Learning Center | 2009 – 2013
› Assist students with UConn Blackboard program, HuskyCT and various computer applications on both PC and Mac OS
Watertown Meat Center | 2008 – 2012
› Cashier, slice deli foods to order, & prepare catering
Queen’s Kitchen Bakery | 2007 – 2011
› Cashier, clean, & prepare desserts
Captured Time Productions | 2010
› Prepare presentations and manage contacts
› Compile all existing logos for 50 branches worldwide to create vector versions
› Prepare logos for various purposes involving web and print including Fremont Street, Las Vegas
Split Knuckle Theatre
› Move all web content to new Squarespace site
Book of Belief
› Team of over 20 designers and illustrators to design spreads for
a 180 page book of fan art and background illustrations
› Presented to DreamWorks Animation as appreciation for
the Rise of the Guardians animated film
University of Connecticut
› Bachelor of Fine Arts, 2013
Communication Design
› Bachelor of Arts, 2013
› GPA: 3.4
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Dreamweaver
Microsoft Office
Social Media
PC & Mac OS
Website & Social Media