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Nearly 7 years of professional experience.
Comprehensive understanding of modern video/digital media production conveyed by
tv/radio broadcasting, live/on-demand streaming, websites, content management
systems, and social media.
Poised to continuously strengthen industry skills to maximize creative potential and
career success.
Educated at
Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis
BS, Media Arts and Science, IU School of Informatics / New Media
Minor, Music Technology, Indiana University School of Music
Video & Graphics
Full-Scale Audio/Video Production, Full-manual Camera Operation, Scene Lighting, Green
Screening, Script Writing, Video Editing, Audio Recording/Mixing/Mastering, Motion
Design/Animation, Graphic Design, Branding/Logo Design, Print Design, Still Photography
HTML, CSS, Silverlight/Flash Video Stream Deployment, IIS7 Web Servers, WordPress, Google
Analytics, Office 365
Final Cut Studio
Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, Color, Motion, Compressor
Adobe Creative Suite
After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Soundbooth, Media Encoder, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Flash
Microsoft Office
Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint
The Omni Centre for Public Media, Inc.
Video / Digital Media Producer - Carmel, IN - 2008 to present
• Responsible for the development of award-winning video productions and motion graphics for
non-for-profit agencies and government entities.
• Shoot, edit, produce, and deploy engaging video content utilizing professional-grade production
equipment, methods and software.
• Provide ancillary production services such as full-scale web design, graphic design, live/ondemand video streaming, content management, social media marketing, web server
setup/maintenance, website analytics, written communications, and more. Work first-hand to
provide final products that exceed expectations financially and creatively.
• Vital contributor in the continuous expansion of company services.
Pathway Productions
Associate Producer - Indianapolis, IN - Jan to Apr 2008
• Assisted in video production and web design tasks for nationally recognized organizations such
as A&E Networks, ESPN and Eli Lilly.
• Participated in pre/post production, field shoots, video editing, image editing,
scriptwriting/research, transcribing, etc.
• Developed a hands-on understanding of modern digital media alongside the guidance of
national Emmy Award-winning professionals.
WKLU 101.9 FM
Social Media Producer - Indianapolis, IN - Oct 2007
• Individually filmed, edited, and produced web videos for Matt Albro's longest radio DJ broadcast.
Produced six web videos for WKLU in a week's time, each shot, edited, and uploaded to
YouTube within 24-hour timeframes.
• Gained valuable experience working amongst Indiana luminaries such as former Governor Mitch
Daniels, "Survivor" star Rupert Boneham, and more.
AmeriCorps / Dads Inc.
New Media Specialist - Indianapolis, IN - Summer 2007
• Performed substantial updates to existing Dads Inc. website alongside the development of webbased videos.
• Obtained experience with internet marketing and web development under the input of executive
team members. Arranged interview/b-roll field shoots that involved first-hand orchestration with
Dads Inc. staff and volunteers.
• Sculpted knowledge of industry standard video production fundamentals, such as camera
operation, motion design/animation, editing, exporting, and uploading to various web
distribution channels.
WKLU 101.9 FM
Program / Production Assistant - Indianapolis, IN - Fall 2006
• Edited local and national radio spots using industry standard broadcasting equipment and
• Obtained a vast understanding of broadcast audio production equipment and editing techniques.
• Gained public relations and promotions experience through remote broadcasting, contest
correspondence, and event display setup/management.
Honors & Awards
Carmel Government Channel
National Hometown Media Awards - The Alliance for Community Media
• 2012 & 2013 National Winner of Overall Excellence in Government Access
Assisted The Omni Centre for Public Media, Inc. and the City of Carmel, Indiana in consecutively becoming the 2012
& 2013 National Winner of Overall Excellence in Government Access (Organizations Under $250,000 AOB).
Pioneer Spirits: Preserving Indiana's Historic Cemeteries
Philo T. Farnsworth Awards – Central States Division - October 2010
First Place: Professional Division - Empowerment / Inspirational Video Category
Excellence Award: Professional Division - Best in Show
Excellence Award: Professional Division - Sound Design
Excellence Award: Professional Division - Animation
Acted as Video Editor, Joint Camera Operator, Motion Graphics Designer, Theme/Brand Designer, Intro Section
SFX/Audio Engineer, Web Programmer
Survival Secrets: Firing Up Your Day! - Journey through the Grocery
Philo T. Farnsworth Awards – Central States Division - October 2010
• First Place: Professional Division - Website Design Category
• First Place: Professional Division - Instructional Video Category
Acted as Video Editor, Secondary Camera/Dolly Operator, Motion Graphics Designer, Theme/Brand Designer,
SFX/Audio Engineer, Web Programmer