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YL Fast Track by Dr. Danette
(notes taken by Tiffany Rowan)
March 2016 Promotions: Lemon, Citrus Fresh Vitality, Eucalyptus Globulus, MultiGreens and Thieves
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11:25 Eucalyptus Globulus for respiratory support
smell is familiar to Vicks Vapor Rub or Listerine
12:07 Eucalyptus oils have a great expectorant quality
This is why they put in a vapor rub
Our parasympathetic nervous system helps us to breathe without thinking about it, but when we can’t
breathe, we think about it all the time.
We want to clear our airways by removing mucus which is a sticky substance the body produces as an
immune response to protect the body from invaders.
12:57 You can dramatically reduce mucus by increasing your purified water intake. This thins out the
mucus so you can get it out of the body. This hydrates the body where allergy medications dry you out.
This makes the mucus even more sticky making it more difficult to get it out. So double your water
intake when taking allergy meds.
13:42 Another way to reduce mucus is with enzymes. We all need enzymes and Young Living has great
enzyme products.
14:17 Another way is respiratory supporting oils in the AromaDome.
Or old fashion tenting with boiling water in a bowl with a couple drops of oil on top of the water. Lean
over the bowl at the kitchen table with a towel over your head and breathe in that oily steam.
15:08 Use the small glass sample bottles that came in your Premium Starter kit to share 10 drops of oil
with those suffering from Winter immune system struggles or springtime challenges. Show them how to
make their own chest rubs. Just avoid toxic petroleum based vapor rub. You can achieve that same
action with your free oil this month.
15:50 Lemon contains the naturally occurring constituent limonene. Google more about this.
She likes to diffuse lemon and eucalyptus together.
Its good for Do It Yourself products.
YL Fast Track’s Melissa Poepping has three Do It Yourself books out now called the “Chemical Free
You can purchase them here:
You can follow her on Facebook here:
16:35 Lemon is good in the tub.
16:40 Lemon juice is acidic so it is hard on tooth enamel. Lemon oil is concentrated from the rind so it is
not acidic and can be used on the teeth.
17:15 Gary Young put lemon in Ningxia Red, Thieves essential oil blend, which means its in all our
Thieves Product Line, and our immune building supplement Inner Defense.
17:56 On the left hand side of your virtual office, sign up for Essential Rewards so you do not miss your
additional free oil. March 2016 that oil is Citrus Fresh Vitality.
White labeled oils are our Vitality line which means they are ingestible.
19:45 What FDA does allow you to say about Citrus Fresh (15ml), “I love to diffuse Citrus Fresh in my
home for its refreshing benefits. I use Citrus Fresh Vitality (5ml) in my water because its delicious.
Vitality oils like Spearmint boost health benefits and make you want to drink more water. If you don’t
like to drink water, add Citrus Fresh Vitality to it and you will want to drink more.
21:00 Thieves Household Cleaner (Item #3743)
She uses it exclusively with baking soda and white vinegar to clean her home.
Thieves Cleaner can literally be used to clean EVERYTHING in your home.
It's not just a green product, but it supports our health too.
Our indoor air is even more toxic than chemtrail air outside.
22:15 She remembers in medical school and puppy coming in with liver failure. How can a puppy a few
months old be in liver failure? Chemicals in the yard? Ant bait? Rat bait? Anti Freeze? It was the toxins in
the Swiffer Wet Jet. Kids and pets are on the floor with bare hands and feet. We want a safe place for
them. Be a good steward for them by getting cancer causing toxins out of your home.
23:39 You can get twenty-nine 16-ounce spray bottles of diluted cleaner from one 14.4 ounce
concentrated bottle of Thieves Cleaner. This equals 76 cents per spray bottle.
23:56 Take a capful of Thieves Household Cleaner and put it into a spray bottle and fill it up with purified
water (tap water is fine) and keep a bottle in every bathroom, kitchen, laundry room…
She uses it to clean cat poop off the Persian rug, in laundry, windows, kitchen sink.
24:38 Whole business are run off cleaners like Oxy Clean. If Young Living only had Thieves Cleaner as its
only product, we could make a good living getting this product into every home. It’s a great way to
introduce people to going green.
25:15 MultiGreens (Item #3248)
It contains one of our most valuable oils, Melissa oil.
Has spirulina and chlorophyll which is good for circulatory support.
It’s a terrific internal deodorant.
26:25 Kelp in MultiGreens helps support healthy endocrine system. We want to keep that thyroid
healthy and kelp is a natural source of iodine. Bee pollen helps support healthy immune system and
endocrine system. Amino acids that help with muscular/skeletal support and stamina.
26:50 It comes with minerals like magnesium for cardiovascular system.
Its an excellent source of choline which is critical for energy production and metabolism.
27:16 Tell Your Story