Download Nursing Care Plan MUSTEX score of 3 or more (High risk of

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Department of Clinical Haematology
Nursing Care Plan
MUSTEX score of 3 or more
(High risk of malnutrition)
Malnutrition can:
• Increase risk of infection
• Delay wound and mucositis healing
• Increase length of stay in hospital
Ensure patient is fully informed of the implications of malnutrition. Offer information
about side effects of treatment / nutrition and cancer
Inform Housekeeper of MUST score
Identify any side effects impacting on nutritional status and optimise drug treatment,
liaising with medical team - complete chart below
Encourage patients to choose
Encourage snacks between meals
Offer milky drinks / Build ups / supplements
Refer to Dietician
Repeat MUST screening weekly
options from the menu
Side effects that could be impacting on nutritional status
Side Effects
Drug Treatment- has it been optimised?
Nausea and
Poor appetite
Taste changes
Hospital Number
Version 3
Approved by: RR and SH
May 2009