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Transporting products that aim to improve the life of patients represents an important responsibility.
That’s why our highly trained and experienced people discuss the specific requirements of an endto-end temperature-controlled process with you. And that’s how we develop tailor-made solutions
which meet your specific and complex needs. We draw on the thorough knowledge of our cool chain
experts and rely on a modern freighter fleet to ensure the safe and expedient movement of your
high-value temperature-sensitive shipments across our global network. Because we believe that
temperature excursions are not an option.
Customized cool chain solutions
•World’s first GDP certified airline
•Implementation of consistent quality management systems along the transportation process
•Dedicated and qualified carrier and ground
handling staff trained in pharmaceutical and
healthcare products
•Fleet of Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighters
with four independently controlled temperature zones enabling the transportation of
different types of commodities on the same
flight with constant temperatures within
each zone
•Freight unloaded straight after landing
•Direct access to the cargo warehouse
•Thermal blankets that allow for temperature
integrity for large palletized shipments
•Global network of efficient and adapted
road feeder services
•Customized onforwarding solutions
•Automated shipment tracking via the Cargolux
•Delivery of cool containers/passive equipment directly to customers’ premises upon
•Fully compliant with IATA chapter 17
The world’s first GDP-certified
airfreight hub
With Luxair’s purpose-built temperature-controlled pharmaceutical and healthcare storage
facilities in Luxembourg, we are able to offer
the world’s first fully GDP certified airfreight
platform, boasting:
•3,000 m2
•storage capacity 2°C to 25°C and 70 10 ft
•storage capacity 2°C to 8°C: 350 (Euro) pallets
on 818 m2
•storage capacity 15°C to 25°C: 1,270 (Euro)
pallets on 1,600 m2
•dedicated ramps for access and delivery
of temperature-sensitive shipments
•temperature-controlled build-up areas
•six dedicated and temperature-controlled
truck docks with direct access to the healthcare center
The Luxair cargo center:
108 meters between truck and aircraft
With direct access to major highways, one of
Europe’s most advanced and best equipped
airfreight handling centers also offers:
•shortest transit times from/to aircraft due to
warehouse location right next to cargo ramp
and runway
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