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Intelligent solutions for pumping applications
A rugged 3R enclosure, Tru-power™ monitoring, fault logging, and
built-in protection are a few of the features that set the IPS apart.
The P-drive is loaded with pump specific features: Application
selectable firmware, dry well and broken pipe detection, pipe
fill, and more.
Start and operate in the harshest conditions without worry.
Compare IPS protection
to any other pump starter!
The World’s Most Intelligent
Pump Protection Starter
50/60 Hz, 1Ø & 3Ø, 200~600 VAC, 1–250 hp
Superior Motor Protection
Adjustable over/under voltage and ground fault protection are included.
Plus you get phase unbalance, loss, anti-cycling, phase sequence, and
warm start protection. Our overload is wide range – so you never have
the wrong sized heaters.
Easy Setup and Use
Inside, the display shows an easy-to-use menu for setting a wealth of
parameters. Adjust any protective or control settings in seconds. All this
with just a few intuitive keystrokes. The IPS ships with factory default
settings pre-programmed for optimal submersible pump protection.
UL/NEMA Type 3R enclosure.
16 Character Display
NEMA Class 5~30 Adjustable Overload
(UL Listed)
(Adjustable Trip Settings)
(Adjustable Trip Settings)
Phase Protection
(Loss, Unbalance, and Reversal Protection)
Auto Reset
(with Adjustable Delay)
Ground Fault Protection
(UL 1053)
(prevents contactor chattering)
Data Logging
(up to 100 date/time-stamped events)
Tru-power™ Sensing for Superior Motor & Pump Protection
Our Tru-power™ sensing protects pumps from dry pump, dead head,
runout and jammed impeller conditions – keeping you online and
preventing costly premature pump failure. There is no need for any
external pump protective relays – many rely only on current to measure
loading which often results in false trips.
• Molded Case Circuit Breaker service disconnect provides
short circuit protection.
• Internal keypad allows easy parameter adjustments and LCD
display shows phase voltage, current, settings, and faults.
• 200~480 VAC multi-tap CPT with integrated protection – no fuses required.
Standard 120 VAC secondary control.
Expand the IPS’s Capabilities
With our Ethernet Option Board, log up to 100 date/time stamped events and use a
standard ethernet cable to download data directly to a laptop. Capture useful event
information to track utility power integrity on long runs and account for
true consumption.
Built-in Power Monitoring for Easy Troubleshooting
View voltage, current, power factor, and more through an intuitive display. Quickly
identify common power problems such as phase unbalance, voltage drop, and over/
undercurrent conditions to ensure proper pump operation.
• Optional data/fault logging with accurate date and time stamping.
Record up to 100 events.
No Load
Full Load
No Load
Full Load
Motor data is easily
accessed with the
internal IPS display
simplifying setup and
No Load
Full Load
Adjustable Underpower
trip setting indicates
and protects from dry
pump conditions.
View current and
voltage measurements
right from the display.
Variable Speed Drive
50/60 Hz, 1Ø & 3Ø Input, 3Ø Output
1–40 hp (200~230 VAC)
1–700 hp, (480 VAC)
1-150 hp, (600 VAC)
Duplex Alternating
Pump Starter
50/60 Hz, 1Ø & 3Ø, 200~600 VAC, 1–200 hp
Advanced Lead/Lag & Alternating Operation
Energy Savings, High Reliability, & Easy to Install
• FastApp™ application based commissioning makes start-up easy:
Select your application and parameters are automatically adjusted
• Loaded with pump specific features including pipe fill (pre-PID), broken pipe
detection, lubrication output with timer, dry well/underload detection, and more
• VFD auto de-rating phase conversion
• Internal Proportional Integral (PID) control varies pump speed to maintain
desired pressure based on feedback (pressure transducer) signal
• HOA switches for independent local or remote operation
• Automatic alternating control
• Wide range electronic class 1-30 overload with advanced protective
features including phase loss, imbalance, stall protection, and manual reset
• Combination versions include a moulded case circuit breaker service
disconnect which provides short circuit protection
• Dual run pilot lights indicate motor operation
• Flexible control for 3-5 float switches
• Adjustable lag start delay and alternation settings
• UL/NEMA Type 4 and 4X fiberglass enclosure
Enclosed VFD Pump Package
Economy Pump Starter
50/60 Hz,1Ø & 3Ø Input, 3Ø Output
1–40 hp (200~230 VAC)
1–700 hp, (480 VAC)
1-150 hp, (600 VAC)
50/60 Hz, 1Ø & 3Ø, 200~600 VAC, 1–250 hp
High Value & Dependable Performance Come Standard
• Industrial HOA switch and LED run pilot light
• NEMA rated contactor with 1 N.O. & 1 N.C auxiliary contacts
Engineered for Harsh Environments
• Pre-engineered simplex and duplex versions.
• Available in UL/NEMA Type 1 for indoor applications and rainproof UL/NEMA Type 3R
outdoor enclosures reduce thermal absorption with a white solar reflective
finish and filtered cooling fans.
• Wide range electronic class 1-30 overload with advanced protective features
including phase loss, imbalance, stall protection, and manual reset
• 200~480 VAC, multi-tap CPT with integrated protection – no fuses required
120 V control power available for additional installed devices
• Rugged, long life construction
• Pump application specific protective options include:
- Lightning/Surge Arrestor
- Line Reactor
- Output Reactor
- Output dV/dT Filter
• Optional reset push button
• Standard packages rated for 92 °F outside temperature, non-direct sunlight.
Attain up to 110 °F outside temperature, non-direct sunlight by de-rating VFD.
Standard Pump Starter
Pre-PID for managed pipe fill and precise
pressure and flow control
Run through stability in difficult
power conditions
Motor winding preheat for operation
in damp environments (for above
ground motors)
Multiple pump motor control to smoothly
control up to 4 additional motors to demand
• UL/NEMA Type 1, 3R, 4, and 4X
fiberglass enclosures
50/60 Hz, 1Ø & 3Ø, 200~600 VAC, 1–250 hp
Superior Protection & Proven Reliability
• Industrial HOA switch and reset push button
• NEMA rated contactor with 1 N.O. & 1 N.C auxiliary contacts
• Thermal bimetallic differential overload detects phase loss with manual reset
• Molded case circuit breaker service disconnect provides short circuit protection
• 200~480 VAC, multi-tap CPT with integrated protection – no fuses required
Standard 120 VAC secondary control
• Optional run LED pilot light and/or start push button
• UL/NEMA 3R enclosure
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