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Revolutionäre Energietechnologien
mit Wirbel-, Transmutations- und
Energieumwandlung mit
zum Quantenfeld
1. Prinzip des Tesla-Transformators mit hochfrequenter
und hochgespannter Kopplung an das Umgebungsfeld
2. Prinzip des Solid State Generators von Don Smith mit
ultrastarker Resonanzverstärkung zwischen Eingangsund Ausgangs-Energie/Leistung.
Nikola Tesla, probably the most famous
person in the free-energy field, has a patent on an aerial system which uses a
shiny metal plate with insulated faces as
the main component of his aerial.
As is common in this field, a high-quality
capacitor is used to store the energy
initially and then that power is pulsed
through a step-down transformer which
lowers the voltage and raises the current
available, as shown here:
• Instead of using an aerial, it is possible to use a Tesla Coil which
produces very high currents if the primary winding is placed in
the middle of the secondary winding and not at one end which is
the usual configuration.
Back-EMF suppression in a resonating Tesla coil
The primary and
secondary coils,
and the ground
connection in this
Tesla coil are arranged in special
Explanation: The
exciting (driving)
current and the
load current in an
field, are perpendicular to each other
as shown here:
• In this way the secondary field does not destroy the primary field!
Back-EMF suppression in a resonating Tesla coil
COMMENT: In order to
get an energy gain, the
frequency of excitation of
the primary coil must be
the resonant frequency
of the secondary coil.
COMMENT: Excitation
with just a single spark is
COMMENT: In Mr. Tesla’s terminology, this is pumping charges or
charge funneling, the charge is coming from the ground (which is
a source of energy).
Back-EMF suppression in a resonating Tesla coil
ACT AS A "BAIT“ (Köder)
Almost no energy is needed in order to create and
maintain such a "bait"...
• The next step is to move to this "bait" to one side of the circuit,
close to the source of the charges which is the Ground.
• The process is repeated spark by spark for every spark which
occurs. The energy in the "bait" experiences almost no dissipation,
providing a much greater power output than the power needed to
keep the device operating.
Das Konzept des Don Smith Generators
In this arrangement,
the capacitor is charged by sparks and
powerful displacement
current is produced.
The transformer with
the ferromagnetic core
is collecting this current.
Das Konzept des Don Smith Generators
Don Smith demonstrates – instead of
Tesla’s one plate - a capacitor made from
two metal plates. Between the plates is a
sheet of plastic between them.
The load is powered between the capacitor and earth.
Don Smith shows a video using a 28-watt
hand-held Tesla Coil and producing several kilowatts of power in the earth line.
Don points out that the output power .is
proportional to the square of the voltage
and the square of the frequency.
So if you double the frequency and double
the voltage there will be 16 times as much
output power.
Die neue Energie, mit der alle
Maschinen dieser Welt angetrieben werden können, ist
identisch mit der Energie, die
den gesamten Kosmos betreibt und in unbegrenztem
Mass verfügbar ist.
New York American, 1.11.1933 Nikola Tesla 1856-1943)
"I have harnessed the cosmic
rays and caused them to
operate a motive device."
The Brooklyn Eagle,
July 10th, 1931,