Download I-ADAP - Instruction for exchanging UWE against XU1-E

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I-ADAP - Instruction for exchanging UWE against XU1-E
General information
For an easy exchange of earth fault voltage relay
UWE of analogue design for the new digital earth
fault voltage relay XU1-E, adapter type I-ADAP can be
All necessary cables for connection of the XU1-E are
provided at the adapter socket. Before exchanging the
relays, the following has to be done:
Output relay contacts
Supervision relay type UWE is provided with two trip
contacts (1 NO, 1NC). The XU1-E can realize both
contacts of this relay.
• The XU1-E has to be applied to the DIN rail of the
adapter socket.
• Connection terminals of the I-ADAP must point
• The relevant cables have to be connected according to the connection diagram.
• All cables which are not needed have to be removed.
• Exchange of the relays in the switchboard has to
be done as explained in the general exchange
instructions (TB ADAP-S-E).
Reproduction of the output relay contacts of voltage
relay UWE
Connection diagram
A1= LA2= L+
19 V - 55 V DC
A1- A3:
50 V - 750 V DC
36 V - 520 VAC
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