Download CT2940 BNC male to banana plugs. Adapts a BNC female cable

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BNC male to banana plugs. Adapts a BNC female cable, component or equipment to double
banana plugs. Fits standard or shrouded (sheathed) pair banana jacks. Used for interconnection
to Power Supplies, Function Generators and other test instrumentation.
Model No.
Voltage Max., V
Current Max., A
Impedance, ohm
Temperature, deg C
RoHS (2002/95/EC)
Standard 0.75" (19mm) spacing
50 ohm BNC male connector
Materials: Body: Polyamide (Nylon); Contact: Brass, Nickel Plt.
Banana Contact: BeCu, Nickel Plt.
500 Vrms
50 Ohm
0 to +50 degC