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PriorityStart! ®
PriorityStart! is an automatic heavy duty
computerized on/off switching device designed
to protect a battery, especially an engine-start
battery and prevent costly jump-starts.
If the battery voltage drains below 11.7 volts
when the engine is off, it automatically
disconnects the load. The battery voltage
immediately recovers.
PriorityStart! automatically reconnects the
battery - any load greater than 0.2mV - when
the headlight switch and/or the brake pedal is
operated. No buttons or switches to operate.
No need for a battery booster unit. PriorityStart! is totally automatic!
Designed to handle 1000 starting amps, PriorityStart! Is not a battery charger or booster often
used after the battery has already been damaged.
No waiting for emergency services or calls for help. Stay safely in your vehicle. No lifting the
bonnet or attaching dangerous jump leads. No buttons or switches to push. PriorityStart! pays
for itself the first time it is used.
Using portable battery chargers/boosters, dangerous jump leads or calling a recovery service
means you have already had a dead battery and done irreparable damage to your battery.
No hard wiring or modifications. Transferable. Certified to ISO, USCG and SAE standards.
Maintenance free.
Fully automatic Always on Duty – Always Remembers – Provides you with Safety and Peace
of Mind.
Vehicle Applications.
PriorityStart! works with almost all 12 volt batteries.
Perfect for:
Recreational Vehicles
Van Conversions
Construction Vehicles
Off Road Vehicles
Farm Vehicles
Mobility Vehicles
Fleet Vehicles
Motor Homes
Fork Lifts Trucks
Industrial Vehicles
Also for marine use, mobility and available in 24 volt.
Easy to Install.
PriorityStart! attaches easily to any 12 volt vehicle battery.
Three Easy Connections:
1. Existing vehicle positive cable to PriorityStart!.
2. PriorityStart! cable to battery positive post.
3. Attach ground wire to battery negative post.
Automatic Battery Reconnect – Convenient, Safe.
Easy to attach – 3 connections.
Maximizes Battery Life – Maintenance Free.
Handles 1000 Starting Amps.
Designed for Under-Bonnet Environment.
Engine Run & Hazard Light Protection.
Transferable from Vehicle to Vehicle.
Universal Design for all Batteries.
Ecologically friendly. Reduces number of batteries discarded into the environment.
Cost Savings.
Pays for itself the first time you use it; ready to protect every time you need it.
Reduces logistical costs and vehicle downtime.
Saves the cost of new battery and maybe the alternator.
Protects expensive vehicle electrical components.
Protects batteries from voltage spikes or surges.
Quality Product.
Meets numerous automotive specifications.
Manufactured using materials suited for under-bonnet environment.
One Year Warranty.
When engine or hazard lights are operating, patented circuitry prevents battery power
from being switched off.
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