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Arjun Bajaj
Aabhas Sharma
Abhinav Valluru
Vinit Bhamburdekar
Product must be safe for use.
 Violation of privacy
 Battery of different voltage can cause components to get
destroyed or stop working
 Communications with the robot die out after a 100m
range(Wireless communication and Video Transmission)
 EMI interference can cause the GPS to get wrong coordinate
 Is built to be able to operate in rough terrains
 Is built to handle heavy loads and physical pressure
Most of our components are RoHS compliant
Rechargeable NiCd battery pack used
 Contains reused Nickel
 Run as long as possible so there is no need to throw it away or get a
new one.
 Provide user information on how to safely dispose of the battery
Recycle PCB and other modules at :
The outer body of the robot is made of aluminum
 This aluminum can be recycled