Download Why Winco Tri-Fuel Portables?

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Why Winco Tri-Fuel Portables?
♦ Winco Generators-Quality & Innovation since 1927
♦ Proven, dependable, efficient design, since 1984
♦ Dual Carburetors allows the engine to operate on gasoline, LP
gas, or natural gas with no adjustment.
♦ Premium Honda and Briggs & Stratton Vanguard OHV engines.
High quality generator ends, built to last
♦ 100% copper windings assure longer life expectancy
♦ Clean low harmonic power, won’t burn up sensitive equipment
♦ Service and parts distributors available nationwide
♦ Rubber isolation mounts on engine and generator
♦ Heavy duty tubular steel cradles to handle and protect the
everyday use of your generator. Std 1” and 1 ¼” 13- gauge
tubular steel
♦ Industrial powder coated paint baked onto the cradle and other
key components
♦ Wide variety of receptacles, includes full power 4-wire for home
standby, all have circuit breaker protection
♦ Compact size for easier transportation and handling
♦ Four wheel dolly are standard on HPS12000HE
♦ 100% of generators are load tested, not statistically sampled as
some manufacturers do
♦ Home Power Series comes standard with:
o Electric start with battery rack and cables
o Maintenance-free electron ignition system
o Dual element air filter reduces maintenance
o Low oil protection helps prevent costly repairs and
♦ Optional Accessories:
o All Terrain 2 Wheel Dolly Kit
o Generator Cover
o Line Voltage Monitor
o Gen-Tran Manual Transfer Switches
o Emergency Transfer/Service System
o Low Pressure Fuel Solenoid