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Mary’s Must Haves
October 22nd, 2012
Bergenia cordifolia, No.1 – The thick leathery and glossy rounded green leaves are becoming tipped
with reddish-bronze providing a beautiful display for fall that will last through early winter. Great for
use as a groundcover or in the rock garden.
Carex ‘Evergold’, No.1 – Oh to be so popular as ‘Evergold’. Narrow, flowing grass- like leaves are
creamy yellow with a green band. Adds a graceful touch and looks great with blue Hostas, Astilbes,
and colorful Heucheras.
Chrysanthemum ‘Rustic Glow’ & ‘Glowing Embers’, No.1 – ‘Rustic Glow’ is budded and blooming
now with deep orange buds and peachy to burnt orange ray flowers. 'Glowing Embers’ is not far
behind with deep red buds that will open to autumn red semi-double blooms with gold-tipped petals
and a golden yellow center.
Heuchera ‘Dale’s Strain’, No.1 – This green-leaved Heuchera, (yes, green), holds its own in the
shade garden. A beauty with bluish-green leaves that have a light silvery-white mottling and dark
veins. Try it for a change.
Himalayan Maidenhair Fern, (Adiantum venustum), 1 Qt. – New to us is this lovely fern with
delicate tear-shaped blue-green leaflets draping 6-12” purplish-black stems. All eyes will be on the
lookout for new fronds emerging bronzy-pink in early spring. It will leisurely establishes itself in the
woodland garden, eventually forming a respectable colony.
Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis, No.1 – Sweet box is a sweet choice. Plant in the shade garden
this fall and appreciate the evergreen glossy leaves all winter and enjoy the heavenly fragrance of the
small white flowers early next spring.
Nice Treadwell groundcovers for fall planting:
Armeria ‘Splendens’; Houttuynia ‘Chameleon’; Krauss’ Gold Tips Spikemoss; Lamiastrum
‘Herman’s Pride’; Liriope ‘Silver Dragon’; Ophiopogon japonicus, ‘Nana’ & ‘Silver Mist’;
Sedum ‘Fuldaglut’ & ‘Major’; Thymus ‘Pink Chintz’; Veronica oltensis.
Others to please the eye:
Anemone ‘Pamina’ & ‘Queen Charlotte’; Astilbe ‘Hennie Graafland’ & ‘Sprite’ ; Brilliance
Autumn Fern; Chrysanthemum ‘Purple Mist’; Heuchera ‘Berry Smoothie’, ‘Plum Pudding’
(No.2) & ‘Stainless Steel’; Heucherella ‘Blue Ridge’ & ‘Sweet Tea’; Japanese Holly Fern;
Miscanthus ‘Adagio’, ‘Gracillimus’, ‘Little Zebra’ & ‘Yaku Jima’; Solidago ‘Golden Fleece’;
Tiarella ‘Susquehanna’; Yucca filamentosa.