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Stone-cold the best salad ever.
Salads are often seen as the poor relations at the festive table, but if you
take the best organic produce and toss in a liberal helping of Matt Stone
inspiration, you can make a summer salad that’s so much more than a
table dressing. Give this quick and delicious salad a go.
1 large punnet mixed tomatoes
¼ bulb fennel
1 lebanese cucumber
1 baby cos lettuce
Herbs, chives, dill, parsley, basil
¼ cup toasted mixed seed e.g.
sunflower, pepitas, chia, flax
Olive oil
Small handful edible flowers
e.g. nasturtium, pansy, borage,
Place the cos lettuce leaves on
the plate, then the sliced fennel
Sprinkle generously with sumac
and the toasted seeds
Randomly chop the tomatoes and
cucumbers and sprinkle over
Drizzle with olive oil and season
Pick your herb leafs, flower
petals and add to the salad
Note: This salad is layered to
assemble on the plate
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