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The Russian Empire – Guided
Reading 11.2
1. Kiev linked to Byzantium
 Trade
 Religion
3. Kiev’s Decline
 “Yaroslav the Wise” (Ruler of
Kievan Russia) divided territory
amongst his son causing fighting
 The Crusades disrupted trade and
the Mongols attacked demolishing
5. Effects of the Mongol Rule on Russia
 Isolated Russia more from Western
Europe (Khanate of the Golden
Horde – Mongolian Empire)
 Encouraged rise of Moscow as
center of power
 Encouraged control from the
Byzantine Church
2. Vladimir and his son Yaroslav
 Expanded the state west to Poland
and north to the Baltic
 Built library and churches
 Married daughters off to princes of
kings in the west to form alliances
4. Mongols and the Russian People
 Tolerated all religions
 Allowed Russians to follow usual
 Demanded obedience
6. Independent Russia
 Czar Ivan II refused to pay tribute to
the Mongols as a result the Russian
and Mongol armies had a bloodless
The Mongol Empire
1. Kublai Khan (Grandson of Genghis Khan –
a brilliant military strategist and organizer)
b. Marco Polo
United China for the 1st time in 300yrs – was NOT nomadic
b. Served Kublai Khan for 17 yrs
2. Mongols gain control of China
b. Kublai Khan Rules
1279 – Largest unified land empire in history
b. 1260-1294
3. Kublai Khan builds palaces
b. Kublai Khan moves the capital
Shangdu and modern-day Beijing
From Mongolia to China
4. Mongol and Chinese relationships
b. Foreign Trade
Kept their Mongol identity; tolerated Chinese officials and
b. Caravan routes across Asia were safe, mail routes to link
China to India and Persia. Improved trade
5. The Mongols give most high government
posts to foreigners
b. Mongols do not conquer Japan
c. Yuan Dynasty
Believed they were more trustworthy
b. Storms destroy invading fleets
c. United China, expanded trade, kept local culture
6. The fall of the Yuan Dynasty
Famine, floods, disease, corruption, power struggles,
rebellions of Chinese
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