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FrenchieSkate is a premiere figure skating event benefitting North Star Reach, a camp in
Pinckney, Michigan for children with serious health challenges and their families. The show is
organized by Michigan based student athletes and is a truly rare opportunity for families and skating
fans to see many of the US and World’s greatest figure skating stars perform together for one night.
FrenchieSkate has grown dramatically from a small local event first presented in 2008 in honor of
Francesca “Frenchie” Persico, who lived her short life fully and fought pediatric cancer so bravely, to
last year’s record setting show and reception in Ann Arbor that featured World and Olympic stars
Jeremy Abbott, Alissa Czisny, Jason Brown, Maia & Alex Shibutani, Katlin Weaver & Andrew Poje,
Valentina Marchei and the show stopping Elladj Balde. The documentary film of the 2014 event
provides an excellent overview and is at
FrenchieSkate has partnered with North Star Reach with a mutual goal to bring joy to area children
with serious health challenges and allow them to let go of their diagnosis and just be kids at camp.
The show is sanctioned by United States Figure Skating and supported by Detroit Skating Club and
University of Michigan Figure Skating Club.
North Star Reach is a provisional member of SeriousFun Camps,
the world’s largest family of medical specialty camps for children
with serious illnesses founded by Paul Newman in 1988.
Located in Southeastern Michigan on 105-acre peninsula,
construction began on the camp in the spring of 2014, and is
estimated to be completed in the fall of 2015. The first summer
sessions will begin in 2016.
Children with serious health challenges will have their lives enriched by the life-changing camp
experiences provided by North Star Reach. These experiences are fun, safe, and empowering-–and
ALWAYS free of charge to the child and their family.
Approximately 1,500 children with serious health challenges will be free to attend North Star Reach’s
empowering camp programs annually and just be a kid at camp. North Star Reach will be a yearround regional resource and will serve children from the Great Lakes region’s children’s hospitals.
Until construction is complete, North Star has other camp programs currently underway:
Click on picture to for a video
about SeriousFun Camps Camp on the Move: Sending local children to other
SeriousFun camps in the US to experience the joy of
Camp Michitanki: The University of Michigan Health
System’s camp for children who have had life-saving
solid organ transplants. Currently renting space from a
local YMCA facility, Camp Michitanki will call North Star
Reach “home” once the new facility is open.
North Star OUTreach: Brings the magic of camp to
children in the hospital.
Jeremy Abbott
4 time US Men’s Champion
Olympic Team Bronze Medalist
Kaitlyn Weaver
& Andrew Poje
2014 World Silver Medalists
2014 Sochi Olympics
Alissa Czisny
2 time US Ladies Champion
Elladj Balde
2014 World Championships
Michael Buckley
Internet Celebrity Vlogger
And On Ice Emcee
Patrick Chan
3 time World Champion
2 time Olympic Silver Medalist
Meryl Davis & Charlie White
US Olympic Gold Medalists
2 time World Champions, 6 time US Champions
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