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Media Contact:
John McBrearty
NorStar Space Data Inc
[email protected]
NorStar space information system aims to change how we see our world
Constellation of 40 satellites will enable predictive analytics to meet global challenges.
MONTREAL, Canada — April 15, 2015 — NorStar Space Data Inc. (NSDI) is pleased to announce
NORTHSTAR, a revolutionary privately-owned satellite information system designed to manage
Earth's natural resources, and track space debris accumulating around the planet.
NorthStar, in development by NSDI, is a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation of 40 satellites
which will provide unique data sets on the ecological systems of Earth, and utilize Space
Situational Awareness technology to track objects in space. Via predictive analytics which will
forecast outcomes and generate specifically-tailored solutions, NorthStar will deliver Earth
observation solutions to diverse markets worldwide including Mining, Forestry, Energy, Oil and
Gas, Agriculture, Fresh Water, Oceans and Fisheries.
"The potential of NorthStar is unlimited," said Stewart Bain, President and CEO of NSDI. "Agribusiness users will have the ability to continuously monitor crops for disease and irrigation
requirements, and be able to more accurately predict harvest yields. Mining and energy
corporations will have new tools to manage the environmental impact of explorations. Precise
information on the water quality of rivers and oceans around the world will be available
continuously, to provide users with a deeper understanding of the health of ocean life and
freshwater resources."
Employing hyper spectral and infrared imaging technology, the NorthStar satellite constellation
will enable unprecedented understanding of the ecological systems of Earth, and how they may
be affected by natural resource and infrastructure development. As extensive data sets are
collected over time, advanced analytics will be applied to predict global outcomes.
"With NorthStar, our goal is to move beyond data and empower clients with information upon
which decisions can be made," said Bain.
NorthStar will comprise a constellation of satellites, the associated ground control stations, and
a data-processing and distribution system. NSDI is working with its partners to implement a
technology roadmap for evolving markets and client needs. NorthStar's Earth-observation
information will be invaluable to decision makers in industry across the globe.
NSDI and NorthStar are commercial ventures based in Canada. NSDI will own and operate the
NorthStar satellite system from Montreal, Quebec. The NorthStar project will incorporate
support from various industrial partners, and Canadian University and Research Institutes
including ABB, NovaWurks, VARDEC, LOOKNorth, and NSSI.