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Text snippets for your communication around PoolParty Semantic Suite
Semantic Web Company is the leading provider of graph-based metadata, search and analytic solutions.
The company is the vendor of PoolParty Semantic Suite, one of the most renowned semantic software
platforms on the global market. Among many other customers, Credit Suisse, Council of the European
Union, Roche, Boehringer Ingelheim, adidas, Springer Nature and the World Bank benefit from linking
structured and unstructured data. In 2016, the Semantic Web Company has been named to KMWorld’s
“100 companies that matter in Knowledge Management”.
PoolParty is a semantic technology platform provided by the Semantic Web Company, a pioneer in the
semantic web since 2001. The product is recognized by industry leaders as one of the most advanced
semantic technology platforms. PoolParty supports enterprise needs in information management,
metadata management, data analytics and content excellence. Typical PoolParty users such as
taxonomists, subject matter experts and data scientists can easily build and enhance knowledge graphs
without coding skills. Boehringer, Credit Suisse, Roche and The World Bank are among many clients
benefiting from transforming data into expert or customer insights with PoolParty.
Proven innovation
With PoolParty, you take your information architecture to the next level by using innovative and
proven knowledge engineering methods and machine learning technologies. PoolParty has a
strong track record in implementing standards-based semantic software across multiple
With PoolParty you can start with less expressive taxonomies to extend them towards full-blown
enterprise knowledge graphs. Enterprises start increasing the value of content and data by
extracting meaning and entity linking based on W3C Semantic Web standards. With SKOS, the
'Simple Knowledge Organization System', you don’t get overwhelmed by data complexity from
the very beginning. With PoolParty’s incremental approach for knowledge engineering, datadriven companies can build tailor-suited semantic layers that fit with their organization.
Growing system intelligence
PoolParty is a system that learns continuously from information streams and incoming
documents. Applications such as content recommenders become more precise and more reliable
over time.
Very user-friendly
PoolParty is easy to use for developers and end-users such as information architects, taxonomists
and content strategists.
Thanks to a modular pricing model, PoolParty can be used by single SMEs and large enterprises.
The PoolParty Taxonomy & Ontology Manager is a world-class tool to build and maintain enterprise
information architectures. It differentiates from other market solutions through powerful capabilities that
can be extended gradually.
PoolParty Thesaurus Server enables practitioners to work even with limited training. Subject
matter experts can model their fields of expertise without IT support.
PoolParty applies SKOS (Simple Knowledge Organization System), a W3C standard that ensures
interoperability between taxonomies and other systems, knowledge graphs and APIs.
With PoolParty, already existing taxonomies in various formats can be imported.
Own ontologies or the use of PoolParty’s ontology library increases expressiveness of enterprise
PoolParty technologies are based on graph databases, and can be used for all kinds of RDF based
data and information management.
PoolParty provides knowledge engineers with semi-automatic taxonomy generation based on
corpus learning and linked data harvesting.
PoolParty APIs provide rich interfaces to create semantic applications on top of an enterprise
semantic middleware.
With PoolParty, you can build a sustainable, robust and highly flexible data foundation layer based on
quality standards. Your organization will combine and access data instantly as your actual business needs
require it. The Semantic Integrator is the most advanced PoolParty configuration level. It includes all the
semantic modules you will need to effectively integrate and analyze heterogeneous data sources.
This is how it works
Decide which data repositories you want to consolidate into a linked data warehouse. You can
gradually extend the data volume you want to integrate based on your semantic layer. PoolParty
can be integrated with enterprise-ready graph databases from partner vendors such as OpenLink
(Virtuoso), MarkLogic, Stardog or Ontotext (GraphDB).
With PoolParty you can transform the different data formats into the standards-based format RDF
(Resource Description Framework).
You will use ontologies to improve data quality.
The PoolParty module ‘Text Mining and Entity Extraction’ analyzes unstructured data. Business
objects and entities get attached with metadata and linked to each other. A semantic information
layer evolves to be used for sophisticated data analytics.
Your data repositories are matched against an underlying knowledge graph. Synonyms are
automatically recognized, so entity resolution, deduplication and mappings significantly improve
the data integration quality.
When data is consolidated, it can then be processed and analyzed in different ways. For instance, it
can be queried and extended by SPARQL. You can choose between PoolParty data analytics frontend applications or other market leading data processing tools as provided by Tableau.