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Ashkan Zarnani, Ph.D. Candidate, M.Sc., B.Eng.
Apt. 203, 10609 79 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 1S2
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +1-780-289-4181
HIGHLIGHTS • 4+ years of hands on experience in software analysis, design and development using .NET, C++,
SQL Server and RUP.
3+ years of design and development of business intelligence systems experience in several
financial, industrial and service organizations including a national bank.
Proficiency in C++ and C#, database systems, software engineering processes and lifecycle.
Solid knowledge and practical expertise (6 years) in data mining, statistical analysis, machine
learning, data warehousing and BI, spatial and time series analysis using R, C++, Matlab, etc.
Proven skills in problem solving, critical and innovative thinking, team work, fast learning.
EDUCATION Ph.D. Candidate, Computer Engineering
Sept 2009 – Present
University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB | GPA: 3.9/4
Expected Completion: December 2013
Focus: Intelligent Systems for Weather Forecasting Applications
M.Sc., Computer Engineering
University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran | GPA: 17.84/20
Focus: Banking Business Intelligence Systems using Data Mining
Sept 2004 – Dec 2006
B.Eng., Computer Engineering
Bu-Ali Sina University, Hamedan, Iran | GPA: 15.77/20
Sept 2000 – Sept 2004
Business Intelligence Suite: Microsoft BI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS), MS SharePoint.
Data Mining and Statistical Analysis: R, Matlab, Weka, SAS, ArcGIS.
Programming: C++, C#, C, Java, Visual C#.NET, Visual C++.NET.
Database Systems: SQL Server 2005/2008, Oracle 10g, MySQL, MS Access.
Software Engineering: Rational Suite and RUP, UML Modeling, MS Project.
Web Development: ASP.NET, HTML, XML, JavaScript.
Misc: Shell Scripting, Linux, Windows, MS Office Suite.
Research and Teaching Assistant, Facility for Advanced Computational
EXPERIENCE Intelligence and Applications (FACIA), University of Alberta
Sept 2009 – Present
• Design and development of intelligent systems for weather forecast
uncertainty modeling.
• Application of methods such as SVM, RF, Fuzzy Clustering, Regression,
Time Series Modeling, etc. using R, C++, Matlab, etc.
• Teaching assistant in several courses: Data Mining, Intelligent Systems
Engineering, Database Systems, Software Engineering and Test, Computer
Programming, Discrete Structures.
Software Analyst and Architect, Tejarat Bank, Iran
• Performed requirement analysis and specification for Core Banking
• Surveyed various core banking solutions in the market in terms of
specification and technological architecture.
• Analyzed and designed a high-level architecture in a team for the To-Be
software architecture along with migration road-maps.
Mar 2009 – Aug 2009
Ashkan Zarnani
T: +1-780-289-4181 / E: [email protected]
Business Intelligence Analyst and Developer, System Group Co., Iran
Sept 2007 – Feb 2009
• Designed and developed several data warehouses, ETL and OLAP systems
using MS BI Suite for three different companies.
• Designed and developed a Meta-data Management System using
VC#.NET for supporting BI project implementation and deployment.
• Designed dashboard reports and enterprise portal systems.
Software Development Manager and Analyst, DBRG, University of Tehran, Iran Jan 2007 – Aug 2007
• Analysis and design of a data mining sub-system for a large scale digital
library system used in more than 300 organizations nationwide.
• Led a team of four software engineers for analysis and design of data
mining functionalities including document clustering and classification,
document and keyword recommendation, trend analysis etc.
Business Intelligence Analyst and Developer (PT), Mellat Bank, Iran
• Designed and developed a spatial classification system in C++ for branch
revenue forecast using various demographic/urban spatial data.
• Designed and developed a user-friendly application using VC#.NET and
MS SQL Server for trend discovery and analysis in the banking spatial
database using computational intelligence methods.
July 2005 – June 2006
Software Developer and Manager (PT), IT Barin Co., Iran
• Designed and developed a distributed library management system in
• Designed and implemented database and data migration systems in MS
SQL Server.
• Led a team of 3 developers during the last three months of the project.
Aug 2004 – Aug 2005
• Awarded the University of Alberta FS Chia Ph.D. Scholarship (16 awards offered each
year), 2009.
• Awarded the TAKFA Research Grant, Iran’s Supreme Council of Information and
Communication Technology, 2005.
• Ranked 13th in the nationwide computer science graduate studies entrance exam among
more than 11,000 participants, Iran, 2003.
• Distinguished as an “Excellent Student” for two consecutive semesters in the B.Sc.
program, Ranked 3rd out of 30 students in the overall program, 2002.
• Lead author of 4 peer-reviewed journal articles published in international journals on data
science. Two new papers are currently under review. Please refer to the Appendix for full listing.
• Lead and co-author of 11 peer-reviewed conference papers and presentation in 4 conferences.
• ACM SIGKDD (2013-present)
• IEEE Computer Society (2006-present)
• Informatics Society of Iran (2000-present)
Organizing Member, International Fuzzy Systems Association Congress, 2013
Student Mentor, WP Wagner high school, 2012
Paper Reviewer, various journals and conferences, 2008-present
Science Fair Judge, Oliver school, 2011
Event Assistant, University of Alberta Iranian Students Association, 2009
Guitar Player, Bu-Ali Sina University Faculty of Engineering music band, 2002
Ashkan Zarnani, Ph.D. Candidate, M.Sc., B.Eng.
Apt. 203, 10609 79 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6E 1S2
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +1-780-289-4181
Appendix – List of Publications:
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, 2011, “Clustering Numerical Weather Forecasts to Compute Prediction
Intervals”, 10th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology and European Meteorological
Society (EMS) Annual Meeting, Berlin, Germany.
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, X. Shi, X. Ke, H. He, R. Greiner, 2011, “Learning to Predict Ice Accretion on
Electric Power Lines”, Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 25(3), 609-617.
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, J. Heckenbergerov, 2012, “Clustering Numerical Weather Forecasts to Obtain
Statistical Prediction Intervals”, Meteorological Applications, doi: 10.1002/met.1383.
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, 2012, “Fuzzy Clustering for Statistical Modeling of Forecast Uncertainty”, Soft
Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications, 188, 287-296.
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, 2013, “Learning Uncertainty Models from Weather Forecast Performance
Databases Using Quantile Regression”, 25th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical
Database Management, Baltimore, MD, USA.
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, 2013, “Non-parametric Interval Forecast Models from Fuzzy Clustering of
Numerical Weather Predictions”, In Proc. 2013 IFSA World Congress and NAFIPS Annual Meeting,
Edmonton, Canada.
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, 2013, “Prediction Interval Modeling of Weather Forecasts Using Quantile
Regression and Clustering: A Comparative Study”, Applied Soft Computing, (under review).
A. Zarnani, P. Musilek, 2013, “Time Series Modeling of Weather Forecast Error for Objective
Uncertainty Analysis and Prediction”, (to be submitted).
A. Zarnani, M. Rahgozar, C. Lucas, & F. Taghiyareh, 2009, “Effective Spatial Clustering Methods for
Optimal Facility Establishment”. Intelligent Data Analysis, 13(1), 61-84.
A. Zarnani, M. Rahgozar, C. Lucas, & F. Taghiyareh, 2007, “Spatial Data Mining for Optimized
Selection of Facility Locations in Field-based Services”. IEEE International Symposium on
Computational Intelligence and Data Mining, Hawaii. April 1-5, 2007, IEEE Press.
A . Zarnani and M. Rahgozar . 2006, “Mining Spatial Trends by a Colony of Cooperative Ant Agents“,
In Proc. SIAM Data Mining 2006 Workshop on Spatial Data Mining, Apr. 2006, Bethesda, MD.
A. Zarnani, M. Rahgozar, C. Lucas, and A. Memariani, 2006, "AntTrend : Stigmergic Discovery of
Spatial Trends". 16th International Symposium on Methodologies for Intelligent Systems, ISMIS
2006, Bari, Italy, September 27- 29, 2006, LNCS Springer - Verlag.
H. Amiri, A. Zarnani, M. Tavallaee, S. Abedinzadeh, M. Rahgozar, F. Oroumchian, 2008,
"Investigation of the Lambda Parameter for Language Modeling Based Persian Retrieval". The 6th
International Conference on Informatics and Systems (INFOS-08), Giza, Egypt.
A. Zarnani, M. Rahgozar, and C. Lucas, 2006, "Efficient Discovery of Knowledge from Large Geo Spatial Databases: An Evolutionary Approach". International Conference on Data Mining, The 2006
World Congress on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing,
WORLDCOMP'06, Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, June 26-29, 2006.
T: +1-780-289-4181 / E: [email protected]
Ashkan Zarnani
A. Zarnani, M. Rahgozar, C. Lucas, 2006, “Nature - Inspired Approaches to Mining Trend Patterns in
Spatial Databases". 7th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated
Learning, IDEAL 2006, Burgos, Spain, September 24- 27 2006, LNCS Springer – Verlag.
R. AliMohammadzadeh, M. Rahgozar, A. Zarnani, 2006, “A New Model for Discovering XML
Association Rules from XML Documents”. In Proceedings of the Third International Conference on
Knowledge Mining, (ICKM-06), Prague, Czech Republic, August 25-27, 2006.
F. Taghiyareh, A. Zarnani, M. Tavalaee, M. Siadati, 2006, "Business Process Redesign in Software
Organizations Based on the Software Quality Management System Standards", The Second National
Conference on Information Communication Technology Management (IRICTM-2006), Tehran, Iran.
R. AliMohammadzadeh, M. Haghir Chehreghani, A. Zarnani, M. Rahgozar, 2006, "W3-Miner: Mining
Weighted Frequent Subtree Patterns in a Collection of Trees", International Conference on Pattern
Analysis (ICPA-06), Budapest, Hungary.
S. Soltan, A. Zarnani, R. AliMohammadzadeh, M. Rahgozar, 2006, "IFDewey: A New Insert-Friendly
Labeling Schema for XML Data", International Conference on Computer Science (ICCS-06), Budapest,
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